Monkey Magic (Raunaq Sahni) Biography 2023

Who is Monkey Magic:

Meet Raunaq Sahni, a fascinating Travel Vlogger who shares his travel journey and professional life with his viewers on YouTube. His videos are loved All over India, a Delhi-based YouTuber who embarked on his YouTube journey in 2015.

His mission was simple – to entertain and bring smiles to people’s faces. Hence, he named his channel “Monkey Magic,” where he invites viewers to a fun and exciting world.

Apart from longer videos, Raunaq also creates short videos on YouTube where he takes us on a journey throughout his day. What sets Ronak apart is his exceptional Storytelling Skills, making people truly enjoy watching his videos.

With an impressive 1.91 Million Subscribers and 50 million plus views on his YouTube channel, “Monkey Magic,” Raunaq Sahni has built a strong and dedicated fan base.

Early Life and Struggles:

Born in 1997 in Delhi, India, Raunaq Sahni developed a passion for Filmmaking at a young age. Supported by his family, he received a camera as a gift, which laid the foundation for his future filmmaking endeavours.

Raunaq Sahni 100 Day Trip

After completing his primary education in Delhi, he pursued a filmmaking degree in the United Kingdom. Raunaq’s exposure to different countries during his childhood, courtesy of his father’s business trips, instilled a love for travel and exploration within him.

The Turning Point – “100 Days Of Dreaming”

Despite years of dedication to YouTube, Raunaq faced common struggles in gaining popularity and attracting a significant audience. However, he devised a brilliant plan that would change his fate forever.

In 2022 He Introduced the series “100 Days Of Dreaming,” Raunaq embarked on a journey where he shared daily short videos of his travel experiences. The series, Started on July 1, 2022, and Came to End on October 8, 2022, catalysed his meteoric rise to fame. What were the secrets behind the success of this remarkable series? Let’s explore them together.

The Secrets to Viral Success – Continuity and Creative Storytelling:

Raunaq’s “100 Days Of Dreaming” owed its unprecedented success to two key elements: continuity and creative storytelling. By crafting a sequential short series, Raunaq created a consistent and engaging narrative, fostering a strong connection with his audience.

Each video in the series started and ended simultaneously, contributing to its continuity and boosting its potential for virality. The third video, titled “003 THIS INDIAN TRAIN IS BETTER THAN AIRPLANE!” went viral, subsequently catapulting other videos in the series to fame. Moreover, Raunaq’s filmmaking techniques, infectious personality, and humorous approach further endeared him to his viewers.

Monkey-Magic Vlogger

Life Beyond YouTube – Family and Rumors:

Beyond YouTube, Raunaq Sahni leads a family-oriented life, residing with his parents and married sister. Hailing from a well-to-do family, Raunaq’s father is a successful businessman.


26 Years


While some rumours suggest a romantic connection with someone named Zangzi, Raunaq has not publicly confirmed or denied these speculations.

Monkey-Magic New Vlog

Raunak Sahni Income/Net worth:

Raunaq Sahni’s income, he earns approximately 1 to 2 lakh rupees per month. His total net worth is estimated to be around 25 to 30 lakh rupees. When it comes to his income sources, most of his earnings come from YouTube and filmmaking. He has found great success in these areas.


Raunaq Sahni’s journey from an aspiring filmmaker to a YouTube sensation is a testament to the power of perseverance, creativity, and the ability to adapt to changing trends. His series “100 Days Of Dreaming” skyrocketed his channel’s popularity and showcased the immense potential of short-form content. With his infectious charm and engaging storytelling, Raunaq continues to inspire countless individuals worldwide, proving that dreams can indeed come true in the vast digital landscape of YouTube.

Social Media Accounts:

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Q. What is the name of monkey magic?

A. The Real Name of Monkey Magic is Raunaq Sahni.

Q. Who is Raunaq Sahni?

A. Raunaq Sahni is a Indian YouTuber who is known for his videos on Monkey Magic. He has over 1.9 Million subscribers on his channel.

Q. Why is Raunaq Sahni popular?

A. Raunaq Sahni is popular because he is passionate about Monkey Magic and he is able to share his knowledge and enthusiasm with his viewers. He also makes his videos in a way that is entertaining and informative.

Q. What is the Age of Raunaq Sahni?

A. Raunaq age is 26 Years He was Born in 1997 in Delhi, India

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