Lichu Marwadi: Biography 2023

Who is Lichu Marwadi:

Lichu Marwadi’s real name is Lakshmi Narayan. He is a Popular comedian known for his excellent comedy in the Rajasthani language. He Belongs to the Marwad region of the Nagaur district in Rajasthan. He is one of the biggest comedians in the area. His comedy videos are viewed by millions of people, and he brings laughter to their lives.

He was born in the Sayala village of Nagaur district in 1994 and continues to live there with his family. Despite his fame, Lichu Marwadi remains grounded and connected to his roots in the village.

With his humorous performances, Lichu Marwadi has earned a special place in the hearts of his audience, and his comedic talent has made him a beloved figure in Rajasthan.

Lichu Marwadi Different Looks
Lichu Marwadi Different Looks

About his Comedy:

Lichu is largely known for his funny videos in Rajasthan. Whenever we talk about Rajasthani comedy Lichu’s name comes first as he’s the one who helped to spread the Marwadi humor across the nation. His followers love the content he produces but also like the representation of social issues in comic videos due to which his followers are growing day by day. Also, his content is largely created on the back of real-life events which makes people follow as they can relate to the content.


Lichu Marwadi completed his primary education in Sayla village at a government school. He managed to complete his primary education somehow, however, when it came to his graduation degree, Lichu was admitted to B.R. Mirdha College in Nagaur.

However, his family didn’t have enough money to afford the expenses of studying there, including accommodation and meals. Coming from a middle-class family, he had to face many difficulties. Finally, he successfully completed graduation despite all the challenges.

Lichu Marwadi completed his post-graduation as a self-taught student because he or his family was not in a position to afford the expenses of living in the city.

Lichu Marwadi’s dream was to serve the motherland as a Soldier or Police officer, but due to various challenges, he couldn’t fulfil the vision. The pain of not being able to serve the nation is still reflected in his videos.

After completing his studies and returning home, people not only taunted him but also began to mock him for not achieving anything in life. However, he didn’t give up and always aimed to do something new and unique. He started working in stone mines and various private companies, but Lichu did not achieve anything there as well after putting in energy and effort.

Career Journey:

Lichu was a follower of Bhuvan Bam and used to watch all his videos, one fine day the idea of becoming a comedian struck his mind while watching Bhuvan on YouTube. Even he wanted to entertain and make people laugh like Bhuvan. Also, his thought process was that he would make videos that would not only make people laugh but also help eradicate social vices from society

As they say “The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow” – Similarly all the struggles Lichu had starting from a young age, in a lower-middle class family to become a soldier and serve the nation, but he couldn’t fulfil it.

Lichu did not have enough money to complete his master’s by going to college hence he decided to complete the same by self-studying. All of this was preparing him for the success to follow.

His family has been involved in farming for several generations. He has parents and three siblings and he is the eldest among them. Since he’s the eldest among his siblings he has the responsibility of the entire family on his shoulders. He and his entire family are staying in Sayla village, Nagaur.


At that time, his dream was to become a soldier and serve the country. However, he faced repeated failures, which resulted in taunts from his family and people around him. These disappointments left him feeling discouraged and caused him to become short-tempered, he put himself in isolation from others and started avoiding any conversations with family and friends.

Finally, Lichu took it on ego and his self-belief gave him confidence due to which he decided that he’ll do something different and show everyone that he is capable of achieving great things. After that, he made an attempt to join a couple of private companies and did carpenter work. However, he didn’t find much success in these attempts and Lichu decided to leave these jobs.

 After facing all these failures, Lichu Marwadi wanted to become a YouTuber, and to follow that path, he borrowed money from his friends and set up a studio in Sayla village. He achieved some success there, but still, he was far from achieving what he had wanted. After that, he earned some money and bought a smartphone, using which he used to watch comic videos on YouTube. While watching Bhuvan Bam’s video, he felt that he could also create similar videos. And Lichu started making funny videos using the same smartphone and began uploading them on YouTube.

In this way, he gradually learned how to make videos and upload them on YouTube. He also taught himself video editing techniques and started editing his own videos before uploading them on YouTube, which took up a lot of his time. However, people began to watch his videos and his channel started growing. This was the time when he realized that he was on the right path to achieve what he always desired.

In all his videos – along with entertainment and fun, there were messages aimed at eliminating social vices, which echoed with people and people started following Lichu. Despite posting videos in this manner, he still hasn’t achieved significant success.

How He Become Famous:

The turning point in Lichu’s life came when he uploaded a video that became extremely popular. In this video, Lichu portrayed the character of “Chaudhary” and it gained widespread popularity. Even today, it remains highly famous on YouTube, and people love to search for the same and repeatedly listen to this video.

He gained fame as a YouTuber with his first hit song “Chaudhary” and has received recognition for his work on YouTube, He also earned a Silver Play Button.

After that, Lichu uploaded a video titled “Baap Beta,” which also became quite famous and was liked by people. Following this, Lichu made another video named “Sapne Baapu Ke” which also gained popularity People started following him for more such videos, and people in Rajasthan started appreciating him for the efforts he was putting in to give recognition to Rajasthani comedy. People became Lichu’s fans and his videos began to get millions of views.

Lichu always created videos that had social messages along with comedy. Lichu aimed to eradicate superstitions and wrong practices prevalent in society by using the platform, and in all his videos he made efforts to carry this message. People appreciated his videos and even watched his videos with families and friends as Lichu is also known for his clean comedy.

After that, Lichu Marwadi started another channel called “Lichu Live” which became even more popular. On this channel, Lichu uploaded reaction videos in which he would react to some controversial videos from Rajasthan that portrayed the state’s culture and civilization in a negative light.

Lichu began posting these videos on his channel and faced some criticism as well for these, although he made all these videos for entertainment purposes and had no intention to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Despite facing ridicule and mockery from people, Lichu Marwadi achieved success in life and accomplished many achievements, setting records along the way. Though people had made him the subject of jokes, Lichu was determined to prove himself and he did so by achieving greatness in his life.

Lichu Marwadi’s net worth:

Lichu Marwadi’s net worth in 2023 is Approx. $1-2 million. He is a Rajasthani Comedian, YouTuber, and Influencer. He started his YouTube channel in 2016 and Now He Has 6 Million subscribers in 2023 Lichu’s Videos have been viewed 20 million times on Youtube.



Today, millions of people watch Luchu’s videos, and each video offers something new to learn. He has gathered millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel and followers on Instagram. Lichu now has a huge fan following and whenever he attends any event, a large number of followers come to see him and people go crazy to take selfies with them.

Despite belonging to a middle-class family and facing hardship early in life, Lichu Marwadi inspires people to pursue their dreams and follow the right path. Lichu also serves as a source of motivation for people facing challenges and working towards eradicating social evils from society.

Lichu Marwadi Social Media Accounts:

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Q. What is the real name of Lichu Marwadi?

A. Lichu Marwari’s real name is Lakshminarayan. He was born in Sayla village of Nagaur district in 1994. His family has been farming for many generations.

Q. How Much Money Lichu Marwadi Earns?

A. Lichu Marwadi’s monthly earnings are estimated to be around 1 to 1.5 lakh Indian Rupees.

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