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Jainish Patel is a sports enthusiast, an intuitive reader, and a stubborn researcher. After finishing post-graduation in Biotechnology, he had some life-changing experiences after he came across various healing modalities. Based in Navsari, India, his vision is to spread the most effective healing methodologies all across the globe.

Welcome to the fascinating world of self-hypnosis, where the subconscious mind holds the key to unlocking positive change and personal growth. In this blog, we will delve into the life and achievements of Jainish Patel, a remarkable individual who has dedicated himself to the fields of clinical hypnotherapy and life coaching.

With a passion for empowering others and a profound understanding of the human mind, Jainish has transformed the lives of many through his expertise and knowledge. Join us as we explore the journey of this psychologist and hypnotherapist, and how he has been making a significant impact in the lives of his clients.

Early Life and Education:

Jainish Patel was born on the 25th of April, and from an early age, he showed a keen interest in understanding the human mind and its complexities. As he progressed through his education, he realized his fascination with both science and psychology.

Jainish pursued his Bachelor’s in Biotechnology from Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, immersing himself in the study of biological processes and molecular science. He excelled in his studies and further expanded his knowledge with a Master’s in Science (Biotechnology) from Uka Tarsadia University.

However, his journey took a significant turn when he discovered the power of the human mind and its potential to bring about positive transformations. Driven by curiosity and a desire to help others, Jainish enrolled at the prestigious EKAA Training Institute of Hypnotherapy Pvt Ltd, where he immersed himself in the art and science of hypnotherapy.

Career Path:

After completing his training in hypnotherapy, Jainish Patel embarked on a fulfilling career at the renowned Shivjoyti Multispeciality Hospital in Surat, Gujarat. Since April 2018, he has passionately devoted himself to his work, helping patients dealing with acute and chronic illnesses that often find their roots in repressed emotions, fears, phobias, anxiety, sexual issues, emotional and behavioural challenges, and much more. His skill in clinical hypnotherapy has proven to be a valuable asset in guiding individuals toward healing and positive transformation.

Jainish Patel

The Power of Self-Hypnosis:

Jainish Patel is not only a skilled hypnotherapist but also an advocate of self-hypnosis. He firmly believes that each individual possesses the capacity to tap into their inner strength and create positive changes through the power of their subconscious mind.

In line with this belief, Jainish authored a comprehensive self-hypnosis guide that empowers individuals to explore their potential. This guide offers step-by-step instructions to induce a state of deep relaxation and heightened receptivity to positive suggestions, paving the way for self-improvement, stress reduction, and personal empowerment.

Client-Centred Approach:

As a psychologist and hypnotherapist, Jainish follows a client-centred approach in his practice. He firmly believes that each person is unique, with individual needs and challenges. Jainish establishes a strong therapeutic alliance with his clients, providing a safe and non-judgmental space for them to explore their thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. This compassionate and evidence-based approach has led to numerous success stories in overcoming challenges such as anxiety, depression, stress, and trauma.

Jainish Patel’s passion for mental well-being extends beyond his clinical work. He is committed to spreading awareness and education about psychology, hypnotherapy, and overall mental health. Through conducting workshops, seminars, and training programs, Jainish aims to empower individuals, groups, and organizations with knowledge and tools for mental well-being. His areas of interest, including psychosomatics and the effects of mind-based interventions on physical and mental illnesses, drive him to contribute to the evolving field of mental health care.

Awards and Achievements:

Jainish’s dedication and expertise have earned him recognition and accolades in his field. He achieved the top rank in his Master’s program, demonstrating his commitment to academic excellence. Moreover, his membership in esteemed organizations like the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (USA) and the European Association of Regression Therapists showcases his continuous pursuit of professional growth and development.

How to Become a Hypnotherapist:

  1. Choose a hypnotherapy training program. There are many different hypnotherapy training programs available, both online and in person. When choosing a program, consider the following factors:
    • The length of the program.
    • The curriculum.
    • The cost.
    • The reputation of the program.
    • The type of certification that is offered.
  2. Complete the hypnotherapy training program. Most hypnotherapy training programs require a minimum of 40 hours of coursework. Some programs also require supervised clinical experience.
  3. Gain practical experience. Once you have completed the hypnotherapy training program, you will need to gain practical experience in order to become proficient in hypnotherapy. You can gain practical experience by volunteering your services, working as an apprentice to a certified hypnotherapist, or starting your own private practice.
  4. Get certified. There are many different hypnotherapy certification organizations. Once you have gained the necessary experience, you can apply to become certified by one of these organizations.
  5. Market your services. Once you are certified, you will need to market your services to potential clients. You can do this by networking with other professionals, advertising your services, or creating a website.
Hypno Guy Jainish Patel


Jainish Patel’s journey as a clinical hypnotherapist and life coach has been nothing short of inspiring. Through his profound understanding of the human mind and his client-centred approach, he has positively impacted the lives of many individuals. His advocacy for self-hypnosis and dedication to mental well-being through workshops and awareness camps are a testament to his commitment to empowering others.

If you’re seeking personal growth, transformation, or overcoming life challenges, Jainish Patel is the person you can trust to guide you on a journey of self-discovery. Through his expertise, you can tap into the boundless potential of your subconscious mind and create a life that you truly deserve. So, take the first step towards positive change and unlock the power within you, just like Jainish Patel does every day in his practice.

In the coming years, we can expect Jainish to continue making significant strides in the field of clinical hypnotherapy and life coaching. His commitment to education, research, and spreading awareness will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the mental well-being of many. As we witness the power of self-hypnosis and its remarkable effects on individuals’ lives, we eagerly await the many success stories that Jainish Patel will continue to create, empowering countless individuals to live their best lives.

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Q. What are some of Jainish Patel’s achievements and qualifications?

A. Jainish Patel is a sports enthusiast, an intuitive reader, and a stubborn researcher who holds a post-graduation degree in Biotechnology. He completed his Bachelor’s in Biotechnology from Veer Narmad South Gujarat University and pursued a Master’s in Science (Biotechnology) from Uka Tarsadia University.

Q. What has been Jainish Patel’s career path?

A. After completing his training in hypnotherapy, Jainish Patel started his career at Shivjoyti Multispeciality Hospital in Surat, Gujarat, in April 2018.

Q. How can one become a hypnotherapist?

A. To become a hypnotherapist, one should choose a reputable training program, complete the required coursework, gain practical experience, obtain certification, and market their services effectively.

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