Dharambir Tau Haryana Full Story Age and Real Name

Who is Dharambir Tau the viral retired uncle of Haryana on Instagram? The real face of the old man has come forward, with his Russian girlfriend.

Who is Dharambir Haryana:

There is a popular uncle, especially on social media and Instagram, who has gone viral. Uncle has been having a great time on his Instagram account after retirement, where he has been posting several videos. Each of his videos has become viral due to his unique style and comedy. So today, we will find out who this uncle is. Let’s investigate and discover more about him.

Viral Dharambir Tau Haryana:

Recently, there have been a lot of videos on the popular social media platform Instagram about an elderly man. Overnight, Dharambir from Haryana has gained fame as an influencer and comedian on Instagram. People have shown great love for his entertaining reels.


After his videos went viral, curiosity sparked within everyone to know if the character of Viral Tau was genuine or if there was someone else behind that face. Because the content portrayed in his videos doesn’t seem like the mischief of an older man, but rather the creation of someone much younger. But what is the truth behind the person appearing in the videos, who is becoming viral as Haryana Tau?

How did he become famous?

Within a remarkably short span of six days after his Instagram debut, Dharambir, reportedly, garnered millions of followers due to his witty and engaging content.

According to statistics shared by Trend to Review, Tau started his profile with no followers, but within just two days, his follower count skyrocketed to an impressive 60,000. From that point onwards, his popularity has only been soaring.

The main reason behind this incredible growth is his collection of funny and entertaining reels. Among them, the most famous one revolves around his retirement plan. In this particular clip, Dharambir can be seen relaxing in a swimming pool while candidly discussing his approach to retirement.


He boldly declares that he has no intentions of sharing a single penny of his hard-earned money with his children. Instead, he plans to fully embrace and enjoy his old age to the fullest. He encourages his kids to build their future, work hard, and earn money to support themselves.

Dharambir’s unique take on retirement struck a chord with people, leading to his massive following on Instagram. His lighthearted and relatable content has resonated with audiences, making him a beloved figure on the platform.

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Dharam Bir Haryana’s real face?

The character of Dharambir Haryana, gaining immense popularity on Instagram, is portrayed by the comedian Pankaj Rathi. Pankaj Rathi hails from Gadhi village in Rohtak, Haryana. His father, Hansraj Rathi, is known for his efforts in helping the underprivileged. To fulfil his father’s dream, Pankaj Rathi created a YouTube channel called ‘Team Help Them’.


It is a channel that raises funds for the needy and destitute. Pankaj started his Instagram channel under the name Dharambir Tau Haryana, with a bio that says, “Don’t Follow Me If (Dark Comedy ) Doesn’t Suit Your Brain.” Pankaj Rathi creates videos by using Snapchat filters to transform himself into an elderly character.

Dharambir Haryana Interview

What is his real age?

Here’s the most surprising revelation about Pankaj Rathi: he is a young man! Yes, you read that correctly. Contrary to popular belief, this talented comedian is not an elderly individual but rather a 25-year-old youngster. It has been reported that Pankaj cleverly utilizes an online filter to record his videos and conceal his true identity.

By employing this creative approach, Pankaj successfully transforms himself into an endearing character of him. This unique disguise adds an extra layer of intrigue to his content, leaving viewers amazed and entertained. The mastery with which Pankaj embraces the persona of an older uncle is a testament to his remarkable talent and versatility.


It’s truly astonishing how Pankaj, despite his youthful age, has managed to captivate audiences with his portrayal of Dharambir. This unexpected twist adds an element of surprise to his videos and showcases his exceptional ability to engage and connect with people of all generations.


Q. Who is the viral uncle on Instagram?

A. The viral uncle on Instagram is Dharambir Haryana, portrayed by comedian Pankaj Rathi.

Q. How did Dharambir Haryana become famous?

A. Dharambir Haryana gained fame within a short period after his Instagram debut. His witty and engaging content, especially his entertaining reels, captured the attention of millions of followers, leading to his immense popularity.

Q. What is the most famous video of Dharambir Haryana?

A. The most famous video of Dharambir Haryana revolves around his retirement plan. In the clip, he humorously expresses his intention not to share his hard-earned money with his children, encouraging them to build their future.

Q. How old is Pankaj Rathi, the comedian behind Dharambir Haryana?

A. Pankaj Rathi, the comedian portraying Dharambir Haryana, is surprisingly a 25-year-old youngster. He cleverly uses online filters to create the appearance of an older character in his videos.

Q. How does Pankaj Rathi transform into Dharambir Haryana?

A. Pankaj Rathi utilizes Snapchat filters to transform himself into the character of Dharambir Haryana, the viral uncle on Instagram.

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