Sheetal Devi (Archer) – Height, Age, Family, & More

Sheetal Devi: A Remarkable Journey in Archery

Personal Details:

Full Name Sheetal Devi
Date of Birth10 Jan 2007
Age (as of 2023)  16 Years
Birthplace Village Loi Dhar, Kishtwar District, Jammu and Kashmir, India
Nationality Indian
HometownKashmir, Jammu and Kashmir
Height 5’ 3”
Eye Colour  Brown
Hair Colour    Brown
Marital StatusUnmarried

Early Life and Education:

Sheetal Devi, born in the picturesque village of Loi Dhar in Jammu and Kashmir, India, faced the unique challenge of being born without hands. Despite the financial constraints of her family, Sheetal developed a deep love for education, overcoming fears that her disability might hinder her studies. In 2022, while studying in class 10, she caught the attention of coach Kuldeep Vedwan, who would play a pivotal role in her extraordinary journey.

Archery Achievements:

In November 2022, Sheetal fearlessly entered the Junior National Archery Championship, competing alongside able-bodied athletes. Her impressive performances continued in the Khelo India Nationals and Women’s Khelo India Games. She marked her international debut in May 2023 at a para tournament in the Czech Republic, securing two silver medals and a bronze.

The pinnacle of Sheetal’s achievements came in the 2023 Asian Para Games, where she clinched a silver in women’s double compounds and two golds in mixed team compound and individual compound events. In July 2023, she held the 18th position in the world rankings for the Compound Women’s Open category.

Unique Approach to Archery:

Born without hands, Sheetal skillfully uses her feet to grip the bow, a technique inspired by renowned archer Matt Stutzman. Her dedication to the sport, coupled with the support of her coach and the Indian Army, led to her creating a custom-made bow tailored to her needs. Within six months, Sheetal showcased extraordinary mastery, participating not only alongside para-archers but also regular archers.

Sheetal Devi Medal
Sheetal Devi Medal

Overcoming Challenges and Recognition:

Sheetal’s journey faced challenges, but with the support of the army, she received sponsorship for education, medical assistance, and prosthetic limbs. She was the sole armless archer in the World Para Championships in 2023, making history by reaching the world finals.

Notably, in July 2023, Anand Mahindra, the chairperson of Mahindra and Mahindra, praised Sheetal for her outstanding performance at the 2023 Asian Para Games and promised her a personalized car.

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Inspiring the World:

Sheetal Devi’s story transcends archery; it is a testament to determination, hard work, and the indomitable human spirit. From overcoming personal challenges to making history in the world of archery, Sheetal is an inspiration to people globally. Her impact reaches beyond the sport, raising awareness of Para archery and encouraging individuals with disabilities to pursue their dreams.

In the scenic landscapes of Jammu and Kashmir, Sheetal Devi, a 16-year-old archer, embarked on a remarkable journey marked by unconventional beginnings. Born with Phocomelia, a rare disorder leading to underdeveloped limbs, Sheetal faced adversity from the start.

The Guiding Hand of the Indian Army

In 2021, Sheetal’s innate talent was discovered at a military camp in Kishtwar. Recognizing her determination, the Indian Army adopted her, providing the crucial support needed to nurture her burgeoning archery career.

A Unique Technique: Feet as Bow Holders

Sheetal’s distinct approach to archery involves using her feet to grip the bow, a skill honed through tireless dedication. This unconventional technique showcases her exceptional accuracy and power, setting her apart in para archery.

Sheetal Devi Indian Archer
Sheetal Devi Indian Archer

Unprecedented Success on the Global Stage:

July 2023 marked a historic moment as Sheetal became the world’s first armless archer to secure a gold medal at the Para World Archery Championships. Following this triumph, she achieved a hat-trick of gold medals at the Asian Para Games in October 2023, dominating the individual compound event, mixed team compound event, and women’s doubles compound event.

Sheetal Devi’s journey extends beyond archery, transcending physical challenges and inspiring individuals worldwide. Her unwavering determination serves as a beacon of hope, proving that resilience and dedication can conquer any obstacle.

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In July 2023, Anand Mahindra, chairperson of Mahindra and Mahindra, lauded Sheetal’s stellar performance at the 2023 Asian Para Games. In recognition of her achievements, he pledged to gift her a personalized car from the Mahindra and Mahindra range.

Sheetal Devi: A Symbol of Possibility

Sheetal Devi’s story is more than an archery triumph; it is a testament to the extraordinary possibilities that arise from determination and perseverance. Her impact on the world of para archery echoes far beyond her victories, inspiring countless individuals to defy limitations and pursue their dreams.

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Q. Sheetal Devi Biography?

A. Sheetal Devi is a 16-year-old archer from the village of Loi Dhar in Kishtwar District, Jammu and Kashmir, India. Despite being born without hands due to a rare disorder called Phocomelia, she has achieved remarkable success in the field of archery.

Q. How does Sheetal Devi participate in archery without hands?

A. Sheetal Devi uses her feet to grip the bow, a technique she developed through dedication and hard work. This unique approach has allowed her to compete alongside both para-archers and regular archers.

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