The Journey of Prateeik Prajapati and Veducation

Who is Prateeik Prajapat:

Prateeik Prajapati is the visionary founder behind Veducation, an educational platform dedicated to nurturing the intellectual and emotional growth of young minds. Through Veducation, he imparts invaluable insights drawn from the ancient Vedic scriptures, guiding individuals towards a holistic understanding of life, career, and relationships.

Prateeik’s expertise and passion extend beyond the confines of traditional education. He shares his profound wisdom not only with students but also with academic institutions and corporate organizations. Through his lectures, he strives to catalyze a transformative shift by introducing the timeless principles of Vedic wisdom into various facets of life.

Prateeik Prajapat
Prateeik Prajapat

Prateeik Prajapati’s mission is to usher in a golden revolution, where the timeless wisdom of the Vedas illuminates the paths to success, happiness, and fulfilment in the modern world. His dedication to this cause is a testament to his commitment to empowering and inspiring individuals to live enriched and purposeful lives.

In a world where the hustle and bustle of daily life often obscure the deeper meaning of our existence, Prateeik emerges as a guiding light, dedicated to unravelling the profound wisdom of Vedic science. Through his platform, Veducation, Prateeik has embarked on a mission to bring the timeless teachings of the Vedas to the forefront of modern education and self-discovery. In this blog, we’ll delve into the inspiring journey of Prateeik and explore the transformative potential of Veducation.

Prateeik Prajapati, a dynamic individual born in 1992 in Jaipur, India, embarked on a unique path early in life. He pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design at the prestigious National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad. Despite a promising career in graphic design, Prateeik’s heart resonated with a deeper calling—the wisdom encapsulated in Vedic science and philosophy.

A Lifelong Passion:

Prateeik’s journey into the world of Vedic science was not an impulsive decision but a culmination of years of passion and dedication. His fascination with Vedic knowledge began as a spark and gradually evolved into a blazing fire. In 2017, he took a leap of faith, leaving behind a stable job to immerse himself completely in the study of Vedic science.

Prateeik Prajapat Veducation
Prateeik Prajapat Veducation

The Birth of Veducation:

In 2020, Prateeik Prajapati materialized his vision by founding Veducation. This online platform was created with the purpose of making the profound wisdom of Vedic science accessible to individuals worldwide. It marked the beginning of a transformative journey for countless seekers of truth.

Veducation’s Mission:

Veducation stands as a testament to Prateeik’s unwavering commitment to sharing the knowledge of Vedic science. Its mission is clear: to help people understand the true meaning of life. The platform achieves this by offering a plethora of courses and resources, including videos, podcasts, books, articles, blogs, and quizzes.

Courses Offered by Veducation:

  • Vedic Astrology: Dive into the intricate world of Vedic astrology, exploring the signs, planets, and houses that shape our destinies.
  • Vedic Mathematics: Discover the precision and efficiency of Vedic mathematical methods, offering a different perspective from Western mathematics.
  • Vedic Cosmology: Unveil the layers of the universe according to Vedic philosophy, and explore the role of humanity in this grand cosmic design.
Veducation Prateeik Prajapat
Veducation Prateeik Prajapat
  • Vedic Philosophy: Delve into the fundamental principles of Vedic philosophy, including karma, dharma, and moksha.

The Power of Prateeik Prajapati’s Vision:

Prateeik Prajapati’s vision for Veducation transcends mere education; it aims to transform lives. He believes that Vedic science can guide individuals toward happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. His passion for sharing this wisdom is driven by a desire to help people live in harmony with the universe and reach their fullest potential.

Global Reach and Impact:

In just a short span of time, Veducation has made significant strides. With over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and content translated into more than 10 languages, it is reaching individuals from diverse backgrounds across the globe. The platform’s accessibility is a testament to Prateeik’s commitment to making Vedic science a universal treasure.

Prateeik’s Multifaceted Approach:

Prateeik Prajapati’s commitment to his mission is unwavering. He employs a multifaceted approach to achieve his goal:

  • Creating high-quality, accessible content on Vedic science.
  • Making Veducation’s content available in multiple languages.
  • Forging partnerships with educational institutions to offer Vedic science courses.
  • Conducting talks and workshops worldwide.
  • Authoring books and articles on Vedic science.

Personal Information:


Prateeik was born in 1992 in Jaipur, India (31 Years old in 2023), which indicates that he embarked on his journey of studying and promoting Vedic science at a relatively young age.


As of the available information, Prateeik Prajapati’s relationship status is single, suggesting that he is fully dedicated to his mission and work with Veducation.


Unfortunately, there are no specific details available about Prateeik Prajapati’s parents in the provided information.


Prateeik Prajapati holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design from the prestigious National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India. His background in design might have influenced the visual aspects of Veducation’s content and platform.

Family Background:

The available information does not provide details about Prateeik Prajapati’s family background, such as his family’s profession or lineage.


Prateeik Prajapati’s interests are deeply rooted in Vedic science, philosophy, spirituality, meditation, and yoga. These interests likely serve as the foundation for his work at Veducation.

Veducation Founder
Veducation Founder


Apart from his professional pursuits, Prateeik enjoys playing the guitar, hiking, and spending quality time with friends and family. These hobbies indicate a well-rounded and balanced approach to life.


Things: Prateeik Prajapati’s favourite things include his dog, his books, his family, and his mission to make Vedic science accessible to everyone. This demonstrates his deep passion for his work and his dedication to his mission.

In summary, Prateeik Prajapati’s journey from a graphic designer to a dedicated Vedic scholar and the founder of Veducation is a testament to his commitment to spreading the knowledge of Vedic science. His interests, hobbies, and favourite things reflect his holistic approach to life and his determination to make a positive impact on the world by sharing the wisdom of Vedic science with a global audience.

Books by Prateeik Prajapat:

Basics of Sanatan Sanskriti
Vaidik Dincharya
सनातन संस्कृति का मूलज्ञान

Social Media Accounts:

Contact[email protected]


Q. What is the Age of Prateeik Prajapat?

A. Prateeik Prajapati was born in 1992 in Jaipur, India He is 31 Years old in 2023.

Q. What is Veducation, and who is its founder?

A. Veducation is an educational platform dedicated to nurturing the intellectual and emotional growth of young minds through the wisdom of ancient Vedic scriptures. It was founded by Prateeik Prajapati.

Q. What is the educational background of Prateeik Prajapati?

A. Prateeik Prajapati holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design from the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India. His design background may influence the visual aspects of Veducation’s content and platform.

Q. What courses are offered by Veducation?

A. Veducation offers courses in various aspects of Vedic knowledge, including Vedic Astrology, Vedic Mathematics, Vedic Cosmology, and Vedic Philosophy. These courses provide in-depth insights into different facets of Vedic wisdom.

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