Who is 6ix9ine? Net Worth, Height, Age, Bio, Wiki, Career, Lifestyle, Family, Relationships, and FAQs


Born as Daniel Hernandez, but better known by his stage name, 6ix9ine, this controversial rapper and internet sensation has made waves in the music industry and beyond. With a distinctive appearance and a rollercoaster career, 6ix9ine’s journey has been nothing short of fascinating. In this article, we’ll delve into his net worth, height, age, bio, wiki, career, lifestyle, family, relationships, and answer some frequently asked questions about the enigmatic artist.

Net Worth

As of my knowledge cutoff date in January 2022, 6ix9ine’s estimated net worth was around $8 million. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that his net worth may have fluctuated since then due to various legal troubles, music releases, and business ventures.

Height, Age, and Early Life

  • Height: 6ix9ine stands at a diminutive 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).
  • Age: Born on May 8, 1996, in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York, he would be 28 years old as of February 2024.

6ix9ine’s early life was marked by adversity. He had a troubled upbringing, including involvement in criminal activities and serving time in juvenile detention centers. These experiences would later shape his persona and music career.

Bio and Wiki

6ix9ine’s rise to fame can be attributed to his unique blend of colorful hair, face tattoos, and aggressive style of music. His early singles, like “Gummo” and “Kooda,” went viral and garnered millions of views on YouTube. His controversial lyrics, confrontational persona, and legal issues also contributed to his notoriety.

His debut studio album, “Dummy Boy,” released in 2018, featured collaborations with prominent artists such as Nicki Minaj and Kanye West, further solidifying his position in the music industry.


6ix9ine’s career has been characterized by both success and controversy. He gained attention with his aggressive style of rap and colorful image, but he also faced legal troubles, including charges related to gang involvement and criminal activities. In 2018, he cooperated with law enforcement as a witness, leading to a reduced sentence and his release from prison.

Despite the legal issues, 6ix9ine continued to release music, often causing controversy with his lyrics and antics. His ability to generate attention and stay relevant in the music industry is undeniable, although it has been met with mixed reactions from fans and fellow artists.


6ix9ine is known for his extravagant and sometimes controversial lifestyle. He frequently flaunts his wealth on social media, showcasing expensive jewelry, cars, and luxury items. His lifestyle choices have been a subject of debate and criticism within the hip-hop community and among the general public.

Family and Relationships

6ix9ine’s personal life has also been a topic of interest. He has one daughter named Saraiyah, born in 2015. His relationships, particularly his romantic involvements, have been scrutinized by the media and his fan base.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is 6ix9ine still making music?
    • Yes, as of my knowledge cutoff date in January 2022, 6ix9ine was still active in the music industry. However, it’s recommended to check for updates on his career and music releases since then.
  2. What is 6ix9ine’s real name?
    • 6ix9ine’s real name is Daniel Hernandez.
  3. Has 6ix9ine been involved in legal issues?
    • Yes, 6ix9ine has faced legal troubles, including charges related to gang involvement and criminal activities. He cooperated with law enforcement as a witness in exchange for a reduced sentence.
  4. What are some of 6ix9ine’s popular songs?
    • Some of his popular songs include “Gummo,” “FEFE” featuring Nicki Minaj, “Gooba,” and “Trollz” featuring Nicki Minaj.
  5. Is 6ix9ine still controversial?
    • 6ix9ine has remained a controversial figure in the music industry due to his provocative lyrics, legal history, and public persona.


6ix9ine’s journey in the music industry has been marked by both fame and controversy. His unique style, legal troubles, and ability to generate attention have kept him in the spotlight. However, his career and personal life continue to be subjects of debate and discussion. Keep an eye on his evolving story to see where it takes him next.

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