Uninterrupted Power Supply: Exploring the Details of Choosing a Generator for Construction

Generator: A Popular Solution for Construction

In the construction world power supply is an essential requirement to keep everything running smoothly. Delays and off-time can become pricey and slow down productivity caused by power loss and an unstable grid. Generators เครื่องปั่นไฟ in construction take over as the first priority when it comes to emergency power. Selecting a generator in today’s world of construction is a challenging job. With 1000’s of different models and brands out there, not each of them will fit your site, therefore this generator in construction blog will be a great help. liftstick believes that learning how to choose a generator for a construction site is quite easy. All you have to do is ask yourself the right questions and the lift ticket will give you the answers.

Power Requirements

One of the most important elements while choosing a generator เครื่องปั่นไฟ for construction is understanding the power requirements for your site. You need to know the combined power of all equipment/machinery running on site. It’s very important to know your usage requirements and calculate the consumption of power load required for the generator you are selecting. Understanding your requirements and your usage can be tricky sometimes, this is why to be more confident, consulting the experts in this field or manufacturers is suggested. 

Fuel requirement

Multiple fuel options are available today for generators in construction: Diesel, Natural Gas, Gasoline and bias i.e Pure Electric Generators. This is not all, there are several other factors that need to be considered before selecting the fuel type of your generator. These factors are: Fuel Cost, Availability, Cost of holding fuel in large quantiles, Consumption and Emission. Choosing the right fuel option for your generator might be one of the most confusing tasks. Let experts do their job by calculating Payback Period, ROI and suggest what the best fuel option for your generators in construction.


Move and agility is what is needed for a generator in construction. Construction sites are a live environment each and every second counts. You need a generator that can work more than 10 hours every day, requires Low Maintenance, can work under tough environments and can be moved from one place to another. Moving across geographical locations will require road transport and the generator needs to be transferred from site to site but if you are working on a single construction project across the road, it will still trouble you to shift the generator when it’s required.

Sound Factor

Noisy Generators could be problematic at residential construction areas or towns and will require a sound enclosure which will increase CAPEX by a cost on its own plus additional time in commissioning. Trust us, hate that too! Link to the Soundproof Noise Enclosure. You might want to select a generator that works with minimum decibels without a sound enclosure


Remember, a breakdown at the construction site means losing not just hours of time but it also leads to loss of capital. It is extra important to buy a reliable generator. Every time a generator breaks down you will have to get in a generator mechanic with an added cost of halt in work which ultimately delays the project by one day. Can be handled.

Fuel maintenance is one of the most important parts of owning a generator. Poor maintenance means sudden stops caused by fuel filters, fuel tanks, fuel engine filters, fuel injectors, governors, blow fuel pump and bent fuel injectors. This sounds like hell right. Need more information on how to choose a generator for construction? 


Everything above comes at a cost. Budget is determined by the sources and resources available. Selecting a generator with lower initial cost with multiple service contracts or a high initial cost with no repair contract is a totally different scenario. The most important things are money and time. When you’re working with generators and your decision too. You must consider the cost of the generator not only is it appropriate for your site, also what is your total cost, per life utilization.


To sum up, the process of choosing a generator for construction projects demands deliberate consideration of a string of elements. In the construction industry the importance of a steady power supply is vital; selecting the right generator is vital for the project to work smoothly. Multiple factors need to be considered during the thought process, such as: power output, fuel efficiency and portability. To make that decision, it is also necessary to know what the construction location power requirements are and what are the other complications with each generator model. A generator is often an essential item and a big investment in the success of any construction project.

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