Things To Consider While Choosing Automotive Photography

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No matter how impressive the specification of a car is, when someone is looking for a car online, the photo is one of the first factors that will grab their attention. For this reason, automotive photography must convey as many details about the car as possible. The space of online car studios is consistently growing, and 360-degree photography has gained customer attention. 

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So, here in this article, we will help you to understand 360-degree automotive photography and the things to consider while shooting them so that you can present your vehicle in the best possible way. 

What Is 360 Degree Automotive Photography?

360-degree automotive photography, also called 360-degree spin, enables you to click and present the cars from different angles in an online car studio. These types of photographs are prominently used on e-commerce platforms where sellers want to provide more information about the vehicle and engage the customers. These are rows of single photos taken from different angles around the car and combined into a single view to simulate object rotation.

How to Catch a Buyer’s Attention

You don’t need a professional photographer to make a compelling used car listing. You can follow the tips below to get the best 360-degree photos.

1. Take care of lighting in the car studio

If you park the car outside, ensure it’s not in direct sunlight so the photographer won’t be tempted to take pictures. Click automotive photographs on an overcast day or in the shade. Shoot during the golden hour, which is either before or just after sunrise or just before sunset. This will help to guarantee that your images aren’t overexposed and that the colors look warmer. If you love indoor photography, the time of day doesn’t matter because indoor settings have access to artificial light sources. However, photographing indoors might be difficult because it’s easy to capture reflections in a car’s body or windows. The best way to prevent this is to cover the floor around the car with black fabric or remove anything reflective.

2. Angle of Vehicle

Let’s imagine you are planning to make a purchase from an online car studio. Before selecting, you would naturally want to view the vehicle from every angle. Your customer would like to do the same. So use your imagination and shoot pictures from various angles, including the top angle and a conventional standing stance. Take your time to photograph minute features like the infotainment screens, alloy wheels, steering wheel controls, and inside trim. Automotive photography of these additional features provides transparency, removing any lingering questions.

3. Location of Photoshoot

An appropriate setting can provide informative, transparent, and exciting pictures. Most of the details could be conveyed through the images without writing the complete description and specifications. Start by taking several candid automotive photographs in a space with a plain background. Avoid locations where the buyer can be distracted by other cars, light poles, bins, and other environmental items. Remove anything from the seats or space between them, the door pockets, or the windscreens of the actual automobile that could potentially detract from the interior, such as tissue boxes or stickers.

When the basic photography is completed, it is time to be creative. If you are capturing the images of a Jeep or 4×4 truck, rather than shooting inside, you might go to an outdoor location, such as rough terrain. However, an urban background is preferred if you are capturing images of a compact car. 

4. Professional Photo Editing 

Ads introducing new cars perfectly illustrate the value of photo editing. Photograph editing and retouching are significant reasons why these ads keep our interest. No matter how skilled a photographer is, a shot won’t always turn out great. Photo editing is crucial for branding and marketing in the cutthroat automotive sector. Professional photo editors must ensure that their images are well-enhanced and of high-quality, since these photos are the first point of contact customers have with your dealership. 

Smart Photo Editors (SPE) can offer Photoshop image editing and vehicle effects to improve photographs and make them more appealing to customers. The ability of SPE to assist business owners with small marketing costs through image editing, re-coloring, and 360-degree before and after photos is its most important benefit.


360-degree automotive photography can benefit the dealership but comes at a cost. You can design cost-effective 360-degree car photography according to your budget and volume. 360-degree photography engagingly gives information about the vehicle in your digital car studio, decreasing the gap between the online and brick-and-mortar & bringing customers closer to the product and business. Spyne is one of the leading platforms that assist the used car dealership and marketplace by creating engaging 360-degree car photos with the help of AI that sell better. 


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