The record-breaking Clarrie Grimmett

Clarrie Grimmett is one of the best cricketers to ever come from New Zealand. Now you can find online sports betting available on, where the best New Zealander cricketers can be wagered today as well.

He was a huge cricket legend, born on Christmas Day in 1891 in Dunedin, New Zealand. His story isn’t your typical sports hero tale, as it also has some unique twists and turns.

Clarrie didn’t jump into international cricket as a youngster. He was 33 when he finally got to wear the colors of his national team in 1925. By exploring the online sports betting available on the 1xBet platform, punters can also find great chances to place their wagers on international cricket matches too. Despite starting at a late age, Grimmett still excelled in his international duties.

A fantastic leg-spin bowler

Grimmett was a wizard with leg-spin bowling. He wasn’t just rolling the ball down; he was crafting each delivery. You can discover that 1xBet cricket betting is profitable, and it also works greatly when making wagers on the best bowlers too.

The way he spun the ball was a sight to behold. In an era where batsmen often had the upper hand, Clarrie was the bowler they dreaded facing.

Let’s discuss some of Grimmett’s numbers. Some of them include:

  • he played a total of 37 matches;
  • he took 216 wickets;
  • he had a great 24.21 bowling average;
  • and also, he had a fantastic economy rate of 2.16 runs per over.

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Fantastic records

Grimmett was the first bowler to take 200 Test wickets, and he did it in just 36 games. This record was like the Mount Everest of bowling feats back then. His best was 7 wickets for 40 runs in an innings, and once, he even took 14 wickets in a match. If you want to wager on other great record-breaking cricketers, the website is waiting for you.

But Clarrie wasn’t just about numbers. He changed how leg-spin was played and viewed. He was the idol for future legends like Shane Warne. Off the field, he was this humble, down-to-earth guy. He loved cricket to bits and was respected by everyone who knew him. There are great opportunities to wager on other cricket legends at the 1xBet platform, where you can create an account today.

Sadly, Grimmett passed away in 1980, but his name is etched in cricket history forever. For any cricket lover, Clarrie Grimmett’s story isn’t just about how many wickets he took. It’s a reminder of what makes cricket more than just a game. He shows why this sport is such a passion for so many people.

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