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Vipul Mishra Known as The Mishraji, is a 25-year-old Indian YouTuber, celebrated for his comedic prowess, entertaining challenges, and engaging vlogs. In this comprehensive blog, we dive into the depths of his life, career, net worth, achievements, and interesting trivia.

Early Life and Education:

Born in 1998 in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, Vipul Mishra keeps details about his early life and education private.

Vipul maintains a low profile regarding his family and relationships.

After graduating from unknown institutions, Vipul’s journey into comedy and content creation started with his YouTube channel, “The Mishraji.”

The Mishraji Instagram
The Mishraji Instagram

Physical Stats:

Weight:68 kg
Chest:34 inches
Waist:26 inches

Net Worth:

Estimated at Rs. 0.8-0.9 Crores in 2023, Vipul’s income streams from YouTube Adsense, merchandise, donations, brand promotions, and Instagram.

Vipul’s net worth includes two Mahindra Thar cars, a Verna car, a Harley Davidson Street Rod 750 bike, and other assets and investments.

Cumulative earnings from all sources, including YouTube, brand promotions, and more, are approximately Rs. 1.5-2 Crores.

YouTube Stardom:

Garnering 1.62M subscribers, his most viewed videos include “Hamari Nayi Thar Ka Hua Accident” and “Taking Delivery of My Second Thar 4 by 4 Automatic.”

The Journey of The Mishraji:

  • 1998: Born in Sultanpur, UP.
  • 2014: Launches YouTube channel “The Mishraji.”
  • 2019: Marks the first video milestone with “Roadtrip My Village to Raipur 800 km.”

2023: Surpasses 1.62M subscribers on YouTube and 1.4M followers on Instagram.

  • Featured in Amrit Vichar News, his content has gained significant recognition.
The Mishraji
The Mishraji

Favourites and Hobbies:

His favourites include a smartwatch, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and a penchant for travel, with Kashmir, Mumbai, and Dubai among his preferred destinations.

Interesting Facts: The Mishraji

  • Born in 1998, Vipul Mishra is a versatile model, digital content creator, and social media influencer.
  • His dream car, Mahindra Thar, met with an accident.
  • He is recognized for his humorous dialogues and is significant in the Indian comedic landscape.


Vipul Mishra, aka The Mishraji, emerges not just as a comedic sensation on YouTube but as an individual whose journey, achievements, and intriguing facets extend far beyond the digital realm. As he continues to capture hearts and tickle funny bones, the story of The Mishraji unfolds with each click and laugh.

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Social Media Accounts:

Instagram:The Mishraji
Facebook:The Mishraji
Youtube:The Mishraji


Q. Who is Vipul Mishra?

A. Vipul Mishra, known by his online persona The Mishraji, is a 25-year-old Indian YouTuber celebrated for his comedic content, entertaining challenges, and engaging vlogs. He has gained significant recognition in the Indian comedic landscape and has a large following on YouTube and Instagram.

Q. What is The Mishraji’s net worth and how does he earn his income?

A. As of 2023, The Mishraji’s estimated net worth is around Rs. 0.8-0.9 Crores. He earns income through various sources including YouTube Adsense, merchandise sales, donations, brand promotions, and Instagram. His total earnings from all sources are approximately Rs. 1.5-2 Crores.

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