The great Gundappa Viswanath

India is a country that has produced some extraordinary cricket batters. Right now it is possible to make 1xBet cricket IPL betting on these extraordinary players. One of these great names that is worth remembering is Gundappa Viswanath, who is also known as Vishy.

He was born on the 12th of February 1949, he was one of the best batters during the era when he was an active player. Now, let’s review the most important aspects of his career.

Vishy’s career began back in 1969. This was the year when he had his debut in both domestic cricket and also in international matches with the Indian national side. His 1st match was played against Australia, and he did something extraordinary, as he scored a century. From that moment, everyone knew this wasn’t going to be just any cricketing story. Instead, people knew that they were looking at a player with an extraordinary category.

Other aspects that can be stated about Vishy’s career include:

  • his career lasted a total of 14 years, as he played professionally between 1969 and 1983;
  • during this period he played 91 Test matches;
  • he scored 6080 runs in total;
  • he got 14 centuries and 35 half-centuries;
  • and furthermore, he got an average of 41.93, which is quite extraordinary, especially when considering the kinds of players that he faced.

The cricket betting section from the 1xBet platform can be used to wager on the IPL and Test matches too. Vishy’s batting ability also helped him to find gaps between fielders that almost nobody else could.

It is also worth remembering that between 1974 and 1982 Vishy also played the ODI format too. During this period he played 25 matches and scored a total of 439 runs. In this variation of the game his top score was 75, and also got 2 half-centuries too.

Having some brilliant performances

One of his innings that’s etched in memory is that brilliant 139 against the West Indies in Kolkata. Facing a bowling attack that would give many a batsman nightmares, Viswanath stood tall. It wasn’t just about the runs that he scored. Instead, the grace with which he made them should be remembered too. At you will encounter other fantastic opportunities to wager on other brilliant batters too.

Another thing that should be mentioned about Gundappa Viswanath is that, in addition to his great statistics, records and numbers, he played with a huge spirit. He was capable of inspiring and motivating players around him to give their absolute best. Also, he was all about playing fair above everything else. Those are the things that make Vishy an extraordinary cricket figure as a whole, as he had much more than just abilities with the bat and the ball.

A great example of that came in a match played against England back in 1980, where he was the captain of the Indian side. Here Bob Taylor was England’s wicketkeeper. He was dismissed in a dodgy manner. At this moment, Vishy, instead of just allowing this to happen, he recalled Taylor back to the field. This was a moment that is still remembered as one of the finest examples of fair play ever seen in cricket, and is still widely praised. The 1xBet platform is a great website to place wagers on other interesting things that can happen during a cricket match too.

Now, let’s talk about a few numbers for a bit. Yes, 14 centuries and 35 half-centuries are impressive. But with Vishy, it was never just about the numbers. It was about the moments. Those crucial runs when the team was against the wall and still, he turned those difficult moments into legendary innings with comebacks. His highest score was a whopping 222 against England, but every run he scored felt like it had a purpose, a story.

After he retired, Vishy didn’t just disappear. Instead, he remained connected to the sport, serving as a selector, guiding young talents, shaping the future of Indian cricket. His time in ODIs may have been brief, with just 25 matches, but let’s be honest, it’s his Test legacy that we all remember.

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