Santosh and Akash Jadhav’s: Indian Farmer Revolution

Cultivating Knowledge and Sharing Seeds of Wisdom:

In the heart of Maharashtra, Santosh and Akash Jadhav, founders of the renowned “Indian Farmer” YouTube channel, emerge as modern cultivators of wisdom. With a deep-rooted love for farming ingrained since their childhood in Vita village, these brothers have seamlessly blended tradition and technology to sow the seeds of agricultural knowledge.

Their journey unfolds from the sun-drenched fields of Vita to the vast digital landscape, where they have cultivated not just crops but a vision for the future of farming. This is not just a story of success in agriculture; it’s a narrative of passion, dedication, and a profound love for the land that has propelled them to become pioneers in digital agricultural education.

Santosh and Akash Jadhav The Farm Infuencers
Santosh and Akash Jadhav The Farm Influencers

Section 1: Roots of Passion for Farming

Background in Vita Village:

Hailing from Vita village in Maharashtra, Santosh and Akash Jadhav’s roots in farming were nurtured amidst the sun-soaked fields. Childhood for them wasn’t just a phase of growth; it was an immersive education in the intricacies of agriculture.

Influence of Childhood Experiences:

Their upbringing, surrounded by the fragrance of freshly ploughed soil and the rhythm of planting seasons, imprinted a deep love for farming. The cycles of sowing and reaping became lessons in resilience and the delicate balance required for a life tied to the land.

The Decision to Return and Cultivate:

Armed with agricultural wisdom, the brothers pursued formal education but chose to return to Vita after their studies. This decision wasn’t just a return to familiar landscapes; it was a conscious choice to contribute to their community. Santosh and Akash didn’t just return to their roots; they sowed the seeds of modern, sustainable farming in their village.

Section 2: Birth of Indian Farmer YouTube Channel

Inception (2018):

In 2018, Santosh and Akash Jadhav cultivated a digital revolution with the launch of the “Indian Farmer” YouTube channel. Driven by a mission to bridge the gap between traditional farming practices and modern agriculture, the channel emerged as a transformative force in the online agricultural landscape.

Popularity and Impact:

Rapidly gaining momentum, the Indian Farmer channel garnered over 18.2 million subscribers, marking its widespread influence. Its impact reverberated across India, reaching farmers from diverse regions and backgrounds. The channel became a unifying platform, sharing invaluable knowledge that transcended geographical boundaries.

Unique Teaching Methods:

The channel’s success is not only attributed to its content but also to its innovative teaching methods. Demonstrations, experiments, and animations brought agricultural concepts to life, providing a visual and accessible learning experience. The use of simple language ensured that the knowledge shared was comprehensible to farmers of all educational backgrounds.

The Indian Farmer YouTube channel, born out of a passion for farming, has evolved into a dynamic hub of agricultural education, transforming the lives of millions by making valuable knowledge accessible and engaging.

Section 3: Educational Background and Family Ties

Santosh’s Academic Journey:

Santosh Jadhav, an advocate of agricultural science, holds a degree from Marathwada Agricultural University, bringing a wealth of agro-scientific knowledge to his farming endeavours.

Santosh and Akash Jadhav
Santosh and Akash Jadhav

Akash’s Technical Expertise:

In parallel, Akash Jadhav pursued Engineering, earning his degree from the Vishwakarma Institute of Technology. His technical expertise complements Santosh’s agricultural insights.

Generational Roots in Agriculture:

Both brothers, rooted in farming families, carry a rich agricultural heritage. This generational connection forms the bedrock of their innovative and sustainable farming practices, blending academic knowledge with ancestral wisdom.

Section 4: Innovative Farming Practices

Sustainable Farming Mastery:

Santosh and Akash Jadhav are pioneers in sustainable agriculture, seamlessly blending productivity with environmental consciousness. Their approach prioritizes efficiency, conservation, and responsible resource management.

Modern Techniques at Play:

Incorporating cutting-edge methods, the brothers implement drip irrigation for water conservation, precision agriculture for optimized inputs, and integrated pest management to control pests without harmful pesticides. These techniques redefine the landscape of their farming practices.

Native Crops and Tech Integration:

Emphasizing the cultivation of native crops resistant to pests and diseases, Santosh and Akash integrate technology into their operations. Drones monitor crops, sensors collect data on soil conditions—showcasing a perfect union of traditional wisdom and modern technology in agriculture.

Section 5: Impact Beyond YouTube: Workshops and Initiatives

Santosh and Akash’s Outreach:

Beyond the digital screen, Santosh and Akash Jadhav conduct impactful workshops, sharing practical insights directly with farmers. These sessions serve as hands-on opportunities to empower farming communities.

Government and NGO Collaboration:

Recognizing the strength of collaboration, the brothers partner with government agencies and NGOs. Together, they design and implement agricultural programs addressing farmers’ unique challenges, amplifying the impact of their initiatives.

Supportive Environment Advocacy:

Beyond information dissemination, Santosh and Akash actively advocate for fair agricultural policies, working to address farmer concerns at various levels. Their involvement in initiatives aims to create a more supportive and sustainable environment for farmers.

Section 6: Instagram Influence: @indianfarmer

Instagram Overview:

Santosh and Akash Jadhav’s influence extends beyond YouTube to the visual realm of Instagram, where their account @indianfarmer boasts a substantial following of 2.6 million engaged followers. Here, the brothers leverage the power of visuals and succinct captions to communicate a wealth of agricultural wisdom.

Informative Content and Farming Tips:

The Instagram platform becomes a canvas for agricultural education as Santosh and Akash utilize it to share bite-sized and visually compelling content. From quick tips on farming practices to insightful advice, their posts are a treasure trove of information accessible to a diverse audience.

Motivation through Showcasing:

More than just disseminating information, Santosh and Akash use Instagram as a motivational tool. Through a curated visual journey, they showcase well-maintained farms, success stories, and best practices. This not only inspires fellow farmers but also serves as a visual testament to the transformative impact of adopting modern and sustainable agricultural techniques.

In essence, Santosh and Akash Jadhav’s Instagram influence is not merely a reflection of their popularity but a deliberate effort to harness the visual power of the platform for the greater good of agricultural awareness and motivation.

Indian Farmer
Indian Farmer

Section 7: Advocacy and Impact

Champions of Sustainable Practices:

Santosh and Akash Jadhav actively advocate for sustainable farming, emphasizing practices that prioritize environmental health and long-term viability. Their influence extends beyond the fields, guiding farmers toward eco-conscious methods.

Farmers’ Rights Advocacy:

Beyond agriculture, the brothers champion the rights of farmers, addressing systemic challenges and injustices. Their voices resonate in various forums, contributing to the ongoing efforts to create a fair and supportive environment for the agricultural community.

Shaping the Agricultural Narrative:

Santosh and Akash significantly contribute to changing the narrative around agriculture in India. By showcasing modern farming success stories, they challenge stereotypes, portraying farming as a dynamic and evolving industry with the potential for positive impact.

Recognized Influential Voices:

Their impactful advocacy work has earned Santosh and Akash Jadhav recognition as influential voices on social media, particularly in the agricultural domain. Awards and a substantial following underscore the transformative impact they have made in reshaping conversations about farming practices and the role of farmers in India.

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Santosh and Akash Jadhav Social Media Accounts:

Instagram:Santosh and Akash Jadhav
Linkedin:Santosh and Akash Jadhav
Youtube:Santosh and Akash Jadhav


Q. Who are Santosh and Akash Jadhav?

A. Santosh and Akash Jadhav are two brothers from Vita village in Sangli, Maharashtra, India. They are the creators of the Indian Farmer YouTube channel, which has over 4 million subscribers.

Q. How do they make money from their YouTube channel?

A. Santosh and Akash Jadhav make money from their YouTube channel through advertising revenue. They also sell merchandise and offer online courses.

Q. What is Santosh and Akash’s educational background?

A. Santosh has a degree in Agriculture from Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri. Akash has a degree in Engineering from MIT College, Kothrud.

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