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Full Name: Riya Upreti
Age: 22 Years
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 58 Kg
Profession: Internet Personality
Nationality: Indian
Marital Status: Unmarried
Riya Upreti Story
Riya Upreti Story

Net Worth & Achievements:

Net Worth (2023):$1 Million
Income Source: Content Creator
Car Collection: Mercedes GLA
Residences: India

Early Life and Influencer Journey:

Riya Upreti, at the age of 22, stands as the Founder and CEO of Thefobet, a pioneering company nestled in Delhi. Her digital footprint extends over 360K followers on Instagram, marking her prominence as an internet personality.

Beyond being an influencer, Riya is a career coach and the force behind a dynamic podcast on YouTube, establishing her as a multifaceted personality in the bustling landscape of Delhi NCR.

FOBET: A Visionary Approach to Learning:

  • The Birth of FOBET: FOBET, an innovative learning platform, emerged during the tumultuous second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Witnessing a surge in demand for psychology-related information, Riya’s mission took shape: to create a platform offering accessible insights into the intricate world of psychology.
  • Democratizing Education: Riya Upreti’s passion for making psychological knowledge universally accessible led to the birth of FOBET, transcending traditional learning approaches and ushering in a new era of continuous support and guidance.

Exclusive Interview:

  • Transformative Leadership: In an exclusive interview, Riya Upreti, the CEO and Founder of FOBET, shares her journey in revolutionizing education. Her visionary leadership and commitment to democratizing quality education, with a focus on psychology, have left an indelible mark on the industry.

  • Innovative Learning: Riya’s journey began with a fervent desire to challenge conventional learning methods. Her foray into content creation culminated in the conceptualization and execution of FOBET, a platform that redefines learning experiences.
  • Global Education Concerns: Addressing the global need for quality education, FOBET distinguishes itself by prioritizing continuous support over conventional one-time paid courses. In the realm of psychology, FOBET empowers students to become therapists, fostering a holistic learning environment.
  • Continuous Evaluation and Feedback: Through a commitment to regular evaluations and feedback, FOBET ensures students can track their progress. This approach fosters motivation and provides insights into areas of improvement, creating an environment of constant growth and support.
Riya Upreti Startup
Riya Upreti Startup

Innovation in Learning Tools at FOBET:

Engaging Learning Experiences: FOBET adopts a multifaceted approach to engage learners. Leveraging tools like “ManyChat,” an AI-powered platform, and WhatsApp API, the platform ensures seamless communication and continuous assessment. Customized learning modules and interactive content further enhance the learning experience.

Ed-Tech Collaboration with Educational Institutions:

  • Bridging the Gap: Riya Upreti envisions ed-tech influencers as bridges between technology and educators. These influencers play a pivotal role in identifying technologies that promote inclusivity, facilitating direct engagement, and organizing events that foster open dialogues on inclusivity, language, and culture.
  • Prioritizing Expertise: Riya emphasizes the significance of having qualified professionals in education. Only individuals with a solid foundation in their field should guide and speak, ensuring the delivery of accurate information.
  • Continuous Learning: Acknowledging the ever-evolving nature of the education sector, Riya advocates for a culture of continuous learning, staying abreast of the latest research, methodologies, and technologies.
  • Collaboration and Community Involvement: Riya highlights the effectiveness of collaboration and community involvement. Building partnerships and networks with experts, educators, and organizations can amplify impact and drive positive change in the education sector.
Riya Upreti Instagram
Riya Upreti Instagram


Transformative Leadership: Riya Upreti’s role as the CEO and Founder of FOBET transcends traditional educational leadership. Her groundbreaking platform not only elevates education standards but also paves the way for individuals to embark on intellectual journeys.

A Beacon of Hope: As Riya Upreti’s legacy continues to shine, it serves as a beacon of hope for those seeking quality education. Her tireless efforts stand as a testament to the transformative power of accessible learning, shaping the future of education.

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Social Media Accounts:

Instagram:Riya Upreti
Instagram:Riya Upreti
Threads:Riya Upreti
Youtube:Riya Upreti
Linkedin:Riya Upreti
Contact:[email protected]


Q. What is FOBET, and how did Riya Upreti establish it?

A. FOBET is an innovative learning platform created by Riya Upreti during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s designed to provide accessible insights into psychology and revolutionize traditional learning methods.

Q. How does Riya Upreti advocate for collaboration in education?

A. She sees ed-tech influencers as bridges between technology and educators, emphasizing collaboration, expert guidance, and continuous learning to drive positive change in the education sector.

Q. Who is Riya Upreti?

A. Riya Upreti, a 22-year-old influencer and CEO of Thefobet, is a driving force in Delhi’s digital landscape. She’s renowned for founding FOBET, an innovative platform revolutionizing education by democratizing psychology-related knowledge.

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