Raghav Sharma (The Moving Ship) Biography – Engineer, Orator, Philanthropist

Early Years and Foundation of SK Children’s Foundation:

Raghav Sharma, a multifaceted individual known for his roles as an Engineer, YouTuber, Orator, and, most significantly, a man of passion, laid the cornerstone of his impactful journey in 2016. The genesis of his philanthropic endeavours can be traced back to a poignant encounter with children from a nearby slum who lacked knowledge of the English alphabet—this pivotal moment spurred Raghav Sharma to establish the SK Children’s Foundation, marking the inception of a transformative mission.

Raghav Sharma: The Moving Ship

In the dynamic realm of social media, a distinct storyteller has emerged — Raghav Sharma, the Social Media Historian. With 257k followers on Instagram, he stands out among content creators who utilize digital platforms not only for entertainment but also for education and inspiration. His expertise lies in weaving historical narratives, a skill that has earned him a dedicated following.

The Moving Ship Youtuber
The Moving Ship Youtuber

The Social Media Historian:

Raghav Sharma exemplifies the new wave of influencers who recognize the global reach of platforms like Instagram and YouTube. As a Social Media Historian, he skillfully employs these platforms’ visual and storytelling capabilities to breathe life into historical tales, particularly those associated with Hanuman Ji.

A central focus of Raghav Sharma’s work is uncovering and sharing stories marginalized or overlooked by mainstream historical narratives. His exploration extends to archives, manuscripts, and oral histories, where he retrieves forgotten heroes, suppressed events, and lesser-known cultural phenomena, bringing them into the light.

Education and Awareness:

Beyond entertainment, Raghav Sharma is crucial in educating his audience about diverse historical facets. Through short videos, infographics, and well-researched articles, he presents historical information in an easily digestible and captivating manner, encouraging critical thinking and a broader perspective.

Raghav Sharma Instagram
Raghav Sharma Instagram

Raghav Sharma excels in connecting historical stories with contemporary issues and trends. By illustrating the relevance of past events to present-day circumstances, he stimulates discussions on societal progress, resilience, and the imperative nature of preserving and learning from history.

Inclusivity and diversity are foundational to Raghav Sharma’s work as a Social Media Historian. He actively seeks narratives from different cultures, regions, mythologies, and periods, ensuring a rich tapestry of untold stories is shared with his audience, contributing to a more comprehensive historical understanding.

Impact and Engagement: Beyond Entertainment

Boasting a dedicated following, Raghav Sharma’s impact extends beyond entertainment. Meaningful dialogues with his audience delve into historical accuracy, interpretation, and the implications of past events on the present and future, elevating the discourse around history.



Philanthropy and Social Work: Beyond Storytelling

Raghav Sharma is not just a storyteller; he is a philanthropist and social worker, actively running the SK Children’s Foundation. This dual role as a content creator and a catalyst for discussions on history’s importance underscores his commitment to shaping a better world.

Raghav Sharma
Raghav Sharma

In-depth Exploration: ‘The Social Lite’ Podcast

In a recent episode of ‘The Social Lite’ hosted by Manvi Katyayan, Raghav Sharma delves into forgotten narratives, illuminating obscure corners of human history. This captivating podcast episode invites listeners to explore the richness of untold stories, showcasing Raghav Sharma’s commitment to revealing the layers of our collective past. Don’t miss this epic episode, exclusively at ‘TheSocialLite.’

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Social Media Accounts:

Instagram: Raghav Sharma
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Linkedin: Raghav Sharma
Youtube: Raghav Sharma
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Q. Why is Raghav Sharma so famous?

A. Raghav Sharma is a casting director in the Indian film industry born on 15 November 1991 in Haridwar, he worked as Mahesh Bhatt’s Assistant and started his casting direction work with Hate Story IV, He has also planned to produce a movie.

Q. What is the relationship between Avneet Kaur and Raghav Sharma?

A. Avneet and Raghav have been dating each other for the past three to four years.

Q. What inspired Raghav Sharma to establish the SK Children’s Foundation?

A. Raghav Sharma was inspired to establish the SK Children’s Foundation after a poignant encounter with children from a nearby slum who lacked knowledge of the English alphabet.

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