Pat Robertson Net Worth: Understanding the Financial Legacy of a Religious Icon

Pat Robertson, a prominent figure in both the religious and political landscapes of the United States, has amassed considerable wealth throughout his lifetime. As a televangelist, media mogul, and former presidential candidate, Robertson’s financial success has been a subject of intrigue and speculation. With ventures ranging from broadcasting to education, his net worth reflects a multifaceted career that has spanned decades.

Early Ventures and Career Beginnings

Born on March 22, 1930, in Lexington, Virginia, Marion Gordon “Pat” Robertson began his journey towards prosperity with a blend of religious fervor and entrepreneurial spirit. After graduating from Yale Law School and serving in the Marine Corps, Robertson turned his attention to the ministry. In 1960, he founded the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), laying the foundation for his media empire.

Building an Empire: The Christian Broadcasting Network

Under Robertson’s leadership, CBN evolved from a local Virginia television station into a global media powerhouse. The network’s flagship program, The 700 Club, became a cornerstone of Christian television, featuring religious commentary, news, and interviews. With millions of viewers worldwide, CBN’s influence extended far beyond the realm of traditional religious programming.

Diversification and Expansion

Robertson’s entrepreneurial acumen extended beyond broadcasting. In 1977, he founded the Christian Coalition, a political organization aimed at mobilizing conservative Christians. This foray into politics solidified Robertson’s influence within the Republican Party and provided a platform for advancing his social and religious agenda.

Additionally, Robertson expanded his business interests into other sectors, including education and real estate. He established Regent University in 1978, a private Christian university located in Virginia Beach. Today, Regent University boasts a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate programs and serves as a testament to Robertson’s commitment to education.

Controversies and Criticisms

Despite his success, Robertson has faced his fair share of controversies over the years. His outspoken views on social issues, including homosexuality and abortion, have sparked widespread condemnation and led to calls for boycotts of his businesses. Moreover, Robertson’s involvement in international affairs, such as his controversial comments on foreign policy and natural disasters, has drawn criticism from both domestic and international audiences.

The Bottom Line: Pat Robertson’s Net Worth

Estimating Pat Robertson’s exact net worth is challenging due to the complexity of his business interests and the private nature of his finances. However, it is widely believed that Robertson’s wealth is substantial, with estimates ranging from hundreds of millions to over a billion dollars.

Much of Robertson’s wealth can be attributed to his ownership stake in CBN and its various subsidiaries, including the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) and the Christian Broadcasting Network International (CBNI). Additionally, his investments in real estate and other ventures have likely contributed to his financial success.


Pat Robertson’s net worth is a reflection of his multifaceted career as a religious leader, media mogul, and political activist. Despite facing criticism and controversy along the way, Robertson’s influence remains undeniable, and his financial legacy continues to shape the landscape of American politics and media.

As he enters his twilight years, Robertson’s wealth serves as a testament to his enduring impact on society and his ability to navigate the intersection of faith, politics, and business. Whether viewed as a visionary leader or a polarizing figure, there is no denying the significant mark that Pat Robertson has left on the world stage.

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