Optimal Shade Solutions: Discover Our Versatile Shade Net

What are shade net you may be asking? Well these are nets that provide protection to crops from harmful UV rays.

They are designed to block out a percentage of sunlight and reduce the amount of UV radiation the crops absorb. Such protection ensures that the crop remains healthy.

Now then what are the advantages of these shade net and why should you consider purchasing them?

1 .Protects the plants from UV rays.

It is crucial for a plant to get enough sunlight, not more and not less for effective yield to be realised. The shade net protects the crop from harmful rays which may result to drying of the plant which will lead to a loss. Such protection ensures the crops remain healthy.

2 .Significantly reduces temperatures

This is the most advantageous mainly during the summer. Most of the scorching rays from the sun is deflected by the nets and hence the amount of rays penetrating is reduced. This leads to the creation of a greenhouse effect hence the temperatures within the net becomes suitable for plant. This leads to massive yields.

3.Protects the plants against pest infestation

Most of the pests thrive best in dry and hot conditions and once this is altered by the nets, it becomes hard for them to survive.  This reduces the probability of there being an infestation there is no conducive environment for them.

4 .The shade net increases water retention

One of the basic needs for the plants to thrive is water. When the shade net are used, the surface area of the farm exposed to extreme heat is reduced hence the ground retains moisture. In spite that the plant also saves water that would be lost by transpiration. Hence crop utilizes necessary moisture to produce high yields. All this is achieved by blocking out some of the sunlight.

  1. The shade net is versatile

The shade can be modified to provide conditions suitable for a particular plant. The farmers can therefore use the nets to different capacities and they can utilize the full potential of the nets during extreme climates. The nets also available in various capacities which can be chosen according to the protection required.

Considerations to make when buying shade nets

  • The density of the netting

The density of the nets comes in different capacities and according to the amount of protection required.  A higher-density shade net will be more effective at stopping sunlight from penetrating than a lower-density one.

2 .The usage

Shade nets are primarily used in agricultural settings to protect crops from the sun and provide certain level of ventilation.

3 .Manufacture material

Polythene is often used for shade net because it is light, even though it can be expensive compared to cotton or nylon. Polythene is generally waterproof and stronger but can become brittle over time due to ultraviolet radiation, while knitted fabric tends to be more breathable and lightweight but may not provide as much coverage from sun exposure as other options.

4 .Transparency

The transparency of the net will mainly be determined by the usage and the amount of protection required.


In conclusion, shade net have proved to be of great help to innumerable famers especially during the dry season they continue to get boosted yields. You can also check privacy screen fence

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