MyRecover – Windows File Recovery Software Review

Losing data can result in a sequence of unfortunate results, typically caused by factors like accidental deletion, formatting errors, hard drive failure, or system crashes. File recovery is often a difficult task for most users.

Although many people find Windows File Recovery to be a useful tool, its command line interface can be frightening. However, professional file recovery software like MyRecover can simplify these difficulties. We test MyRecover in this article, reviewing its easy way of Windows file recovery.

Introduction and Key Features of MyRecover

MyRecover is a powerful Windows file recovery software. It is well regarded for its capacity to recover accidentally deleted or lost data on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and Server.

Also, it offers a robust feature set with an easy-to-use interface to guarantee a high success rate across a range of data loss scenarios.

The following are the key features of MyRecover:

User-friendly interface: MyRecover has a simple interface that makes the recovery process intuitive. Users can easily use the software, initiate scans, preview recoverable files, and perform recovery operations.

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Support various data loss scenarios: No matter how you deleted your data, whether it was normal or accidental, or if you need to recover data from disk formatting, system crash, or virus attack, this data recovery software could help you get data back effortlessly.

Recover more than 200 file types: MyRecover can scan and recover 200+ file types, including documents, photos, videos, audio files, and more.

Quick & Deep scanning: It uses quick and deep scanning way to thoroughly search for deleted or lost files from storage devices. No data will be lost, increasing the chances of successful recovery.

Works with many devices and systems: MyRecover works with multiple storage devices, including HDDs, SSDs, USB drives, memory cards, etc. It supports various file systems, including NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, and ReFS.

Safe and reliable: MyRecover considers data integrity and security throughout the recovery process. Recovered files are restored to a safe location without affecting their quality or content.

Recover Deleted Files in Windows 10 with MyRecover

We want to show you how MyRecover works and the simple steps to use it to recover deleted files in Windows 10. We downloaded the MyRecover from its official website and followed the instructions to install it on our Windows computer.

Test Preparation:

To test it, we selected 4 data formats DOCX, PNG, MP4, and MOV from the computer hard drive to permanently delete, and then we wanted to try to recover them using MyRecover. We also tested MyRecover to perform Recycle Bin, disk format recovery.

Test Procedures:

We run MyRecover on a Windows computer. MyRecover recognizes all hard drives on our computer as well as external drives connected to our computer. We then hover over the drives that saved the deleted file previously and click the Scan icon.

MyRecover then starts a Quick Scan and a Deep Scan on the selected drive. All my deleted and lost files are shown in the list. We can use the filtering and preview features in MyRecover. Just type DOCX in the search box and it will find all deleted DOCX files.

We find the accidentally deleted files (DOCX, PNG, MP4, and MOV files) and click Recover XX Files. To prevent data overwriting, we selected a new location to save the recoverable files.

These files will be recovered at a high speed. Once the recovery was finished, we went to the location where the data was saved to verify the recovered files. MyRecover can be a reliable tool for Windows file recovery.

Test Results:

The scan can be completed within 5 minutes and the recovery rate is as high as 95%. Its powerful file recovery features can save a lot of time. Moreover, both Recycle Bin recovery and disk format recovery prove to be highly effective.

Wrapping up

MyRecover is a good choice for novice and experienced users looking for reliable Windows file recovery software. Its excellent features such as filter, preview, and deep scan make it suitable for various data loss scenarios, from simple data deletion to more difficult data recovery needs.

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