Jim Caviezel Net Worth: A Look at the Wealth of a Hollywood Icon


Jim Caviezel is a name that has become synonymous with talent and dedication in the world of Hollywood. With a career spanning several decades, he has captivated audiences with his performances in both film and television. From his breakthrough role in “The Passion of the Christ” to his recent work in hit series like “Person of Interest,” Caviezel has consistently proven his acting prowess. But beyond his on-screen achievements, fans and curious onlookers often wonder about his financial success. In this article, we will delve into Jim Caviezel’s net worth and explore the factors that have contributed to his financial standing.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Born on September 26, 1968, in Mount Vernon, Washington, James Patrick Caviezel Jr. knew from a young age that he wanted to pursue a career in acting. He attended the prestigious Juilliard School in New York City, where he honed his acting skills and began to make a name for himself in the theater world. His dedication and talent soon caught the attention of casting directors, leading to his first film role in 1991’s “My Own Private Idaho.”

Financial Milestones in His Career

While Jim Caviezel’s early career may not have been marked by blockbuster hits, his commitment to his craft eventually paid off. One of the most significant milestones in his career came in 2004 when he portrayed Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ.” The film, despite its controversial subject matter, was a massive box office success, grossing over $600 million worldwide. Caviezel’s performance earned him widespread acclaim and significantly boosted his net worth.

Following “The Passion of the Christ,” Caviezel continued to work steadily in Hollywood. He starred in various films such as “Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius,” “Deja Vu,” and “The Count of Monte Cristo,” among others. His roles in these films, along with his television work, contributed to his growing wealth.

Television Success and Continued Earnings

In 2011, Jim Caviezel took on the role of John Reese in the hit television series “Person of Interest.” The show ran for five seasons and was a critical and commercial success. Caviezel’s portrayal of the enigmatic and resourceful former CIA operative earned him a dedicated fan base and further bolstered his financial standing.

Aside from “Person of Interest,” Caviezel has made guest appearances on various television shows and continued to take on film roles. These additional projects have undoubtedly added to his net worth over the years.

Jim Caviezel’s Net Worth

As of my knowledge cutoff date in January 2022, Jim Caviezel’s estimated net worth was around $25 million. It is important to note that net worth figures can fluctuate over time due to various factors, including career developments, investments, and personal financial decisions. Therefore, it’s advisable to refer to the latest information or financial reports for the most up-to-date assessment of his net worth.


Jim Caviezel’s journey in the world of entertainment has been marked by talent, dedication, and a diverse range of roles in both film and television. While his early career may have been modest, his portrayal of Jesus Christ in “The Passion of the Christ” catapulted him to international fame and significantly increased his net worth. With a successful television series and continued film work, Caviezel’s financial future remains promising, making him not only a Hollywood icon but also a financial success story in his own right.

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