Is Inverter Air Conditioner the Best Option?

During the last two seasons, the inverter air conditioner has become a viable option for consumers because of its unique features. Usually, most people don’t think beyond the two most significant selling models of Window and Split air conditioners. Of late, there has been a perceptible change in the consumer’s purchasing habits. Now, they don’t shy away from experimenting with new things and like to pay extra if something adds value. Leading manufacturers of air conditioners are aware of this fact, which is why you can see more models of air conditioners in the market.

Go for the Best

A viral quote says, “Why settle for less if you can have more?” It’s also applicable when we plan to buy a regular appliance like an air conditioner. We all know that air conditioners are expensive items that usually last for 10-12 years. So why purchase an inferior product that may not last beyond two years? Now, even the cheapest model of a Window air conditioner of 1.5 tons will cost you around Rs 32,000, and for a 1.5-ton Window type inverter air conditioner 5 star, you will end up paying more than Rs 40,000. Buying the best available brand in the market makes much sense if you are paying such a massive amount for an appliance.

Why Window Air Conditioner?

Why a Window air conditioner if so many advanced models are available? It? Evident because why should you choose a conventional model like Window AC if a technologically modern inverter air conditioner is available? However, there are good reasons for that. If you look around for air conditioners, more often than not, you will find Window air conditioners. You may visit a residential apartment, a retail showroom, a readymade garment shop, or the neighbourhood drug shop; you will more likely find a Window air conditioner. If there are so many users of Windows air conditioners, they all cannot be wrong simultaneously.

A Window inverter air conditioner has many advantages over an average Split or portable air conditioner. They can be installed so conveniently that you don’t even need the services of a trained technician. You are only supposed to fix the unit into the window and make it airtight by covering all the gaps, and your air conditioner is ready to go.

However, things are different with a Split air conditioner because you will need a trained engineer and many accessories to install it. All such fittings may cost you around Rs 10,000. It’s also much easier to repair a Window air conditioner in case of a breakdown because trained engineers are available in every nook and corner. Even the spare parts are much cheaper than a Split model.

Advantages of Window Inverter Air Conditioner

Inverter technology is the best thing to happen for air conditioners because such models provide very efficient cooling and reduce your electricity bill. Compared to a standard model, an inverter air conditioner consumes 25-30% less electricity. You may be paying more for an inverter window air conditioner today, but it will prove a better choice in the long run. However, an air conditioner 5 star with inverter technology is the most energy-efficient model that saves almost 40% of your electricity bill.

You will have to keep in mind that there are few choices for inverter Window air conditioners since such models are usually available in the Split type. Therefore, Window-type inverter ACs give you a double advantage. Firstly, you have a model that is easy to install and maintain. Secondly, you are getting the benefits of the latest technology that also helps in saving electricity. Such a model is an ideal combo of tradition with high technology.

Final Word

It doesn’t matter whether you buy a Window air conditioner 5 star with the latest inverter technology or just a conventional Window AC; it will be your decision. Usually, people don’t give much thought to purchasing an appliance for a home. They follow the trends and don’t apply their minds. This is not the right way to think because the needs of every customer are unique. If a specific brand suits someone, it’s not necessary that it may also suit you.


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