How to get free characters in free fire? 

Unlocking new characters in Free Fire not only adds variety to your gameplay but also provides unique abilities and skills that can give you an edge in battles. While some characters may require diamonds or coins to unlock, there are several ways to obtain characters for free. In this guide, we’ll explore various methods to acquire free characters in Free Fire.

1. Complete Events and Missions:

Keep an eye out for special events and missions that offer free character rewards. Garena frequently hosts events where players can earn character fragments or vouchers by completing specific tasks, participating in challenges, or achieving milestones within the game.

2. Participate in In-Game Events:

Free Fire regularly introduces limited-time events that reward players with character tokens or fragments upon completion. These events may include login bonuses, daily check-in rewards, or seasonal events. Make sure to participate in these events and claim your free character rewards.

3. Use Character Fragments:

Character fragments are essential items that can be used to unlock or upgrade characters in Free Fire. You can obtain character fragments by completing missions, participating in events, or exchanging duplicate character items. Accumulate enough fragments for your desired character and unlock them for free.

4. Watch Ads and Videos:

Some in-game features, such as the “Watch to Earn” option, allow players to watch ads or videos in exchange for rewards, including character fragments or vouchers. Take advantage of these opportunities to earn free character items by spending a few minutes watching ads. For redeem codes in ff advance server visit 

5. Refer Friends:

Many games, including Free Fire, offer referral programs where players can earn rewards by inviting friends to join the game. Refer friends to Free Fire using your unique referral link or code, and when they sign up and reach certain milestones, you’ll both receive rewards, which may include free characters.

6. Participate in Giveaways and Contests:

Follow official Free Fire social media channels, forums, and community platforms to stay updated on giveaways, contests, and promotional events. Participating in these activities may give you a chance to win free character vouchers or exclusive character skins.

7. Utilize Redeem Codes:

Garena occasionally releases redeem codes that players can use to claim various rewards, including character vouchers, fragments, or skins. Keep an eye on official announcements and social media channels for redeem code giveaways, and make sure to redeem them promptly to claim your free rewards.


While some characters in Free Fire may require diamonds or coins to unlock, there are plenty of opportunities to obtain characters for free through events, missions, character fragments, referrals, giveaways, and redeem codes. By taking advantage of these methods, you can expand your character roster and enhance your gaming experience in Free Fire without spending real money. Keep exploring new ways to earn free characters and stay tuned for upcoming events and promotions!

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