How Data Recovery Services Work: Simplified Explanation?


You’re not alone if you lose your data. It is common for a person to accidentally delete important photos, documents, or work files from their computer. Luckily, data recovery services can be like digital detectives who can retrieve your missing information. Here, we will learn how these specialists can help you.

What is Data Recovery?

Think of your computer storage like a filing cabinet. Data recovery is the process of getting back lost or inaccessible files from that cabinet. There are two main ways files can become hidden.

Suppose tossing something important in the trash by mistake. Deleting a file doesn’t actually erase it right away, but it marks the space as available for new files. Data recovery services can often find these “deleted” files & restore them.

Sometimes, the filing cabinet itself gets damaged, like a broken drawer or misplaced folders. Physical damage can cause this to the storage device (like a hard drive), software malfunctions, or even power outages. Stellar Data recovery services use specialized tools & techniques to try & repair the damage & recover your files.

Generally, disk recovery methods are divided into two: software-based that involve repairing and replacing damaged hardware components in the lab system. In most cases software-based methods are used. It is ideal for the user to interpret the logical structure of the problem store, read required data & further copy.

Special labs are used for physical repairs of drives. They are carried out by specialists in the most severe cases, e.g., when mechanical or electrical parts of the drive are not working properly.

How do Data Recovery Services Work?

Now, we get a deeper understanding of Data Recovery Services Work. Before we start, you should know that information left in intact storage can often be accessed through special data software without professional assistance. However, it is important to keep in mind that no information can be retrieved once labeled. So, nothing should be written to the archive until the last file is retrieved.

Most data recovery specialists use algorithms of metadata analysis, which is either a method of retrieving files based on known information or a combination of both methods.

By analyzing this Metadata, the technician can identify the main structures in the repository that store file content transfer records, their properties & directory hierarchy, after which this information is processed & used to restore the corrupted file system.

This method is preferred over raw recovery because it allows the recovery of files with their original names, folders, date & time stamps. Without extensive corruption of the metadata, it is uncertain to reconstruct the entire folder structure based on the specific methods used by the file system to eliminate “unnecessary” items.

However, such analysis cannot be done efficiently if the necessary parts metadata is not available. Hence, most experts avoid using file system maintenance tools or initiating potentially tampering actions until the data is fully restored.

Finally, if the desired result was not obtained with the help of metadata analysis, the files were searched using known content. In this case, “known content” does not refer to the entire unstructured content of a file, only unique instances of files of a specific given format & may refer to the beginning or end of the file.

This pattern is called a “file signature” & can be used to determine whether some data in the archive belongs to a known file. The files retrieved in this way are expanded based on the signatures obtained, and new names & folders are assigned, usually for different types of files.

The main limitation of this approach is that some files have no visible signature or only have a signature pointing to the beginning of the file, making it difficult to predict where it will end, especially when parts of it are not preserved for this reason.

Before entrusting your drive to anyone, use Google Maps to research “data recovery services near me. “Read reviews to get a sense of other customers’ experiences. Look for companies with a strong reputation for successful recoveries & good customer service.


If you’ve ever had to deal with data loss, or if you’re curious about how to prevent it in the first place, leave a comment below. We’re always happy to hear from you & open to suggestions for future topics that might be helpful.

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