Brother Polight: A Controversial Figure in the World of Consciousness and Self-Empowerment


Brother Polight, whose real name is Michael Noak, is a name that has garnered significant attention and controversy within the realm of consciousness, self-empowerment, and the Black community. He is a self-proclaimed teacher, author, and public speaker who has gained a substantial following, particularly within the African American and Afrocentric communities. This article aims to provide an overview of Brother Polight, his teachings, and the controversies that have surrounded him.

The Rise of Brother Polight

Brother Polight emerged in the early 2000s as a charismatic and dynamic figure who claimed to offer knowledge and guidance to help people of African descent improve their lives. He presented himself as an advocate for self-empowerment, economic independence, and enlightenment, particularly for Black individuals who have historically faced systemic disadvantages and discrimination.

Teachings and Philosophy

Brother Polight’s teachings are a blend of various ideologies, including Afrocentrism, Kemetic spirituality, and elements of self-help. He encourages his followers to reconnect with their African roots, embrace holistic health practices, and strive for financial independence. Polight often promotes entrepreneurship, real estate investment, and the pursuit of knowledge as means to achieve financial freedom.

One of his notable ideas is the concept of “Nu-Covenant,” which he claims is a framework for economic empowerment and community building among Black people. He emphasizes the importance of pooling resources, investing in real estate, and establishing cooperative businesses to uplift the Black community.

Controversies and Criticisms

While Brother Polight has amassed a dedicated following, he has also faced significant controversy and criticism. Some of the most prominent issues include:

  1. Legal Troubles: Brother Polight has had numerous run-ins with the law. He has faced charges related to fraud, child endangerment, and sexual misconduct. These legal issues have tarnished his reputation and led many to question his credibility as a teacher and leader.
  2. Financial Controversies: Some critics accuse Brother Polight of exploiting his followers for financial gain. He has been involved in controversies related to his expensive seminars, workshops, and self-published books, which some consider overpriced.
  3. Ethical Concerns: Brother Polight’s teachings and practices have also been criticized for being cult-like and manipulative. Some individuals have alleged that he exerts undue influence over his followers and encourages them to cut ties with their families and support systems.
  4. Pseudoscience and Misinformation: Polight has been known to promote pseudoscientific ideas and conspiracy theories, including his views on ancient civilizations and extraterrestrial beings. Critics argue that his teachings lack empirical evidence and are based on conjecture rather than sound scholarship.


Brother Polight is undoubtedly a polarizing figure in the world of consciousness and self-empowerment. While he has attracted a dedicated following and espouses principles of economic empowerment and self-improvement, he has also been embroiled in numerous controversies and legal issues. As with any public figure, individuals interested in his teachings should exercise critical thinking, conduct their own research, and consider the controversies surrounding him before deciding to follow his guidance. It is essential to separate the valuable teachings from the controversies when evaluating Brother Polight’s impact on his community and the world of self-empowerment.

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