Big Meech Net Worth: Unveiling the Life and Fortune of Demetrius Flenory


Demetrius Flenory, commonly known as “Big Meech,” is a name that has become synonymous with the world of hip-hop, drug trafficking, and extravagant lifestyles. With a reputation that precedes him, Big Meech has fascinated many, and the curiosity surrounding his net worth, height, age, and life story remains unabated. In this article, we delve deep into the life and fortune of Big Meech, shedding light on his background, career, family, relationships, and much more.

Who is Big Meech?

Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory is a former American drug lord and the co-founder of the notorious Black Mafia Family (BMF), a criminal organization that dominated the drug trade in the United States during the late 1990s and early 2000s. Born on June 21, 1968, in Detroit, Michigan, Big Meech, alongside his brother Terry Flenory, established BMF as one of the most prominent drug trafficking organizations in history.

Career and Notoriety

Big Meech and his brother Terry gained notoriety for their operation, which involved trafficking large quantities of cocaine and amassing immense wealth. The Black Mafia Family was known for their flashy lifestyle, luxurious parties, and strong connections to the hip-hop industry. Their extravagant spending on cars, jewelry, and real estate attracted significant attention, with many rap artists glorifying their lifestyle in their songs.

Net Worth

Estimating Big Meech’s net worth is challenging due to the clandestine nature of his criminal activities. While reports vary, it is believed that at the height of BMF’s power, Big Meech’s net worth could have been in the hundreds of millions of dollars. However, in 2005, both Big Meech and Terry Flenory were arrested and sentenced to lengthy prison terms, effectively putting an end to their criminal empire.

Height and Age

Big Meech’s height is not widely documented, but he is described as a tall and imposing figure. As for his age, he was born on June 21, 1968, which makes him 55 years old (as of 2024).

Bio and Wiki

Big Meech’s biography is one intertwined with crime, power, and the allure of the street life. He grew up in Detroit, where he and his brother Terry embarked on their journey into the drug trade. The Flenory brothers’ rise to prominence was marked by their ability to establish and expand their drug distribution network, reaching various states across the United States. Their connections in the hip-hop industry added another layer of intrigue to their story.


Big Meech and BMF were known for their extravagant lifestyle. They were often seen partying in exclusive nightclubs, driving luxury cars, and wearing expensive jewelry. This ostentatious lifestyle became a symbol of their power and influence in both the criminal and entertainment worlds.

Family and Relationships

Big Meech maintained a close relationship with his brother Terry throughout their criminal career. However, their actions eventually led to their downfall, with both brothers being convicted on drug trafficking charges. Big Meech has children, but specific details about his family life have been kept private.


  1. Is Big Meech still in prison?
    • Yes, as of my knowledge cutoff date in January 2022, Big Meech was incarcerated. It is advisable to check the latest information regarding his legal status.
  2. What happened to the Black Mafia Family (BMF)?
    • BMF was dismantled by law enforcement, leading to the arrests and convictions of many of its members, including Big Meech and Terry Flenory.
  3. Is there a documentary or movie about Big Meech and BMF?
    • Yes, there have been documentaries and TV series that explore the story of BMF and Big Meech. The most notable one is the STARZ TV series “BMF,” which aired in 2021.


Big Meech’s life and net worth remain subjects of fascination and intrigue, thanks to his involvement in one of the most notorious drug trafficking organizations in American history. His rise to power, extravagant lifestyle, and eventual downfall are a testament to the complexities of the criminal world. While he may have amassed significant wealth during his criminal career, it ultimately came at a steep price: a lengthy prison sentence that serves as a cautionary tale of the consequences of a life of crime.

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