Advice For Finding The Best Windows Replacement and Installation Company

Owning a home comes with a great deal of obligation and responsibility. This includes daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly repairs, upkeep, and renovations. Along with this is windows replacement, as windows are subject to wear and tear, as is anything else in your home.

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But how do you know which windows manufacturer and installation company is the best? 

More than likely, there are probably multiple windows and doors companies where you live, so which one is right for you?

In this article, we provide advice on choosing the right windows replacement company. This advice helps you decide which is the right company for you and your home improvement needs.

How To Choose The Most Competent Company For Windows Replacement

  • Ask Around

Have any of your neighbors replaced their windows or doors recently?  If so, are you impressed with what you see? Ask them which window replacement company they used. Ask about the pricing, customer service, and installation process. 

As well, speak to friends, co-workers and family members to see if they have replaced their windows as of late. Word of mouth is a great way to find out if a windows company is worth your time, effort, and hard-earned money.

  • Conduct Online Research

With the internet at our fingertips, we possess the ability to conduct online product and company research. This is the perfect way to obtain honest positive (and negative) feedback about a company’s products and services. Obviously, take the time to read reviews on the company’s professional website. However, keep in mind that these reviews tend to be more biased. For completely honest, unbiased reviews, take the time to read company reviews on websites such as Yahoo, Google, Angi, etc. These sites tend to provide more factual and honest reviews, thus giving you direct feedback from actual customers. 

  • Ask For A Quote From At Least Three Windows and Doors Installers

Of course, everyone is looking for the best deal for windows replacement. However, higher pricing does not always mean higher quality. As well, lower pricing does not mean great savings and value. Take the time to obtain a quote from several companies. We advise speaking with at least three windows installers before making a final decision. Take factors such as window material, window design, upgrades (decorative glass, window grills, extra locks, etc.), durability, and energy efficiency into mind. 

A reputable windows company does not undercharge or overcharge for their services. Keep in mind that some companies offer specials during the off-season. This does add up to savings. However, do not skimp on longevity, quality, and insulation when it comes to replacement windows. 

  • Gauge The Level Of Customer Service and Product Knowledge

When getting a quote, take a moment to gauge the level of customer service. As well, a good employee also possesses a great deal of knowledge and confidence in the company’s products. If they rush you off the phone or out the door, they are unreliable. How a company treats its potential customers speaks volumes about its customer service, ethics, and reputation.

  • Ask About Their Warranty Policy

Don’t forget to ask if they provide an extended product and service warranty. A trusted company stands behind its products and installation process with a solid warranty. This ensures that if any issues arise after the installation is complete, the company will cover the repair or replacement costs as specified in their warranty.

  • Look For Companies That Carry Energy Star Certified Windows And Doors

Look for a windows replacement company that manufactures and/or stocks Energy Star-certified products. These products are guaranteed to meet the requirements in your area for outstanding energy efficiency. 

Energy efficiency is integral when it comes to replacing windows. Not only do energy-efficient windows protect your home from the elements, they help contribute to lower monthly energy costs. This adds up to a lot of savings in the long run and is well worth the investment.

  • Check If Their Certifications Are Up-To-Date

A crucial thing in choosing a windows installment team is that they possess the required training, licensing, and certifications. Additionally, make sure that these requirements are up-to-date. Obtain this information at the store location, their website, or the Better Business Bureau.


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