A Complete Guide to Constructing a Home

Building your own home is one of the most important and rewarding projects you can take on. from a simple loft conversion, to the grandest new home, self builders put themselves in control of the design, cost and specification of their home, not something usually achieved when buying an established one. 

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But self builds will lead you into interesting and sometimes uncharted territory. We work with thousands of people who are stepping into the unknown and designing their own home. The following guide aims to provide an understanding of the general steps involved in a project. Every project is unique, and may vary in approach depending on your overall goals and budget, but at a very high level, these are a broad series of steps and people involved in any self build project. We will use the approach of progressive design/build steps as example projects to cover more details. The following are steps to guide you through a house construction project.

  1. Get the Basics

In building a house, the location of the house. You should always have the budget in mind and know what you can afford. Next, the size and layout should be consistent with the needs and preferences of the occupants. The laws regarding building should be slewed by the person building the house. All of these basic considerations are what you need to be able to build a house. This is the basic consideration before going onto the next step of planning.

  1. Widen the Basics into a Plan

First what you want to do is start off with discussing house design with an architect how you want the home to look. That can also be the theme for your home but you usually want to be a little more specific about what your home can look like to the architect. Keep in mind the appearance and layout you want the house to have as those specifics will be essential in the design process. An open dialogue with an architect can yield worthwhile insights and direction in building your home. In this step, your architect or designer will convert all that information into a plan, which is a form you can file with the building department, along with your permit application.

  1. Get Building Permit and deal with builder

Once you choose the reliable builder, then you will have to negotiate the terms of use with your builder. You also have to make sure all the things you may expect in your home to be clearly stated on your contract with your builder. Finally, you have to have your contract agreement relevant to the construction of your home reviewed by a legal protester before your sign.

You take that plan to the building department and file an application for a building permit. 

  1. Build the House

This is the easy step. Your general contractor schedules the necessary trades to build the house. The general is your partner in the effort, and will help you with many or all facets of the project, including acquiring materials and supplies at a good price and culling out the best trade contractors.

  1. Get Ready to Move In

While the house is under construction, you might be off your search for financing. You get bids, and separate contractors produce several draws to buy materials and facilitate construction. You are the construction supervisor. After the construction is finished, a careful final examination of your home will be made to ensure that we have followed all building codes and regulations. If there are any adjustments or repairs that need attention, those will be made before you get your keys.

  1. Live Your Life in Your New Home

A house is built with patience and hard work but sometimes when you keep adding on and adding on from the original plan, you might just get what you wanted from the beginning.

At house completion, your general inspects the house, looking over with you any details that need attention. The trade contractors will all be gone. The general points out to them anything needing attention. You’re ready to live in a new house.

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