Rising Against Dowry: The Inspirational Story in 10 Points of #Marriage_In_17Minute

1. In 2021, Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj initiated the #Marriage_In_17Minutes movement in India, advocating for dowry-free marriages.

2. Dowry, a long-standing social evil in India, has led to violence against women and financial hardships for poor families.

3. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj firmly believes that dowry is a sin and encourages marriages without any dowry.

4. The hashtag #Marriage_In_17Minutes symbolizes the swift, dowry-free marriage ceremonies that promote love and mutual respect.

5. This movement gains momentum as more Indians embrace dowry-free marriages, addressing the financial burdens and violence against women.

6. Celebrities and public figures have rallied behind the #Marriage_In_17Minutes trend, denouncing the practice of dowry.

7. In 2022, the Indian government launched the "Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao" campaign to combat dowry and promote girls' education.

8. Despite entrenched societal beliefs, the movement perseveres, aiming to create a more just and equitable society for Indian women.

9. Challenges persist, including deep-rooted dowry practices, lack of awareness, and insufficient support for victims of dowry harassment.

10. The #Marriage_In_17Minutes movement remains a beacon of hope, highlighting the importance of love and mutual respect over financial considerations in marriage.