why #JailerFDFS is trending - Entire story in 10 points:

1. On August 9, 2023, SB19 member Ken was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol.

2. He was released on bail the following day.

3. Some fans of SB19 are upset with Ken's behavior and have been calling for him to be kicked out of the group.

4. Others are defending Ken and saying that he should be given a second chance.

5. The hashtag #JailerFDFS has been trending on Twitter for several days and has generated over 100,000 tweets.

6. It is likely to continue trending for the next few days as the controversy continues.

7. The hashtag #JailerFDFS is dividing the SB19 fanbase.

8. Some fans are calling for Ken to be kicked out of the group, while others are defending him and saying that he deserves a second chance.

9. The controversy is having a significant impact on SB19's reputation.

10. It remains to be seen how the controversy will affect SB19 in the long run.