Baccarat: Rules, Strategies, & Tricks

Baccarat is a popular casino card game that has been offered in casinos in Europe and North America for many years. At non GamStop casinos, you have the opportunity to try out the Baccarat card game for free. So you can familiarize yourself with the casino game for free, without registering and completely risk-free. We will also explain the rules and help you find the best non GamStop casinos where you play Baccarat for real money.

How Baccarat Works at Non GamStop Casinos?

Baccarat is a card game that has similar rules to the more popular Blackjack. However, there are a few exceptions that differentiate the two games. All players at the table bet on a win for the bank or a win for the player. The player who bets the highest on the banker or player takes the corresponding role. The dealer or croupier simply takes on the role of game leader, accepts bets, deals the cards and pays out winnings. When you play at an automatic online Baccarat table at non GamStop casinos, you are usually free to choose whether you want to play the player or the bank.

Basic Rules of Baccarat at Non GamStop Casinos

  • In Baccarat, all cards count their own value except 10 and all face cards, which count 0. The ace counts as 1.
  • The maximum number of points and the best result that can be achieved is 9. Whoever ends up closer to 9 wins.
  • The tens digit in the total result is always deleted, which is why overbuying is not possible. For example, if you have a 7 and an 8 in your hand, you don’t have 15, but 5 points. If you have a queen and a 2, you have 2 points, etc.
  • The payout in Baccarat is always 1:1 when you bet on the player or the bank. Betting on a draw usually gives you a profit of 8:1.


  • In Baccarat, all bets are placed first and then the cards are dealt.
  • The player and the bank each receive two face-up cards.
  • If the player has 4 or fewer points, he draws another card.
  • If the score is 5 to 7, he doesn’t draw another card and waits for the banker’s move.
  • On 8 and 9 he scores a natural, robbing the banker of the chance to draw a third card.
  • The banker’s drawing of a third card depends on whether the player has drawn a third card and how many points they have in their hand.

Don’t worry: With online Baccarat at non GamStop casinos, the software does the drawing for you and you basically just have to decide whether you want to bet on banker, tie or player and how much you want to bet.

The Strategies & Tips From Our Experts

For the Baccarat card game, there are only a few tactics and tricks you can use. In contrast to blackjack, you don’t have any freedom of choice here and can only freely choose what and how much you want to bet on. However, it is advisable to use different betting strategies such as Labouchere, Parlay or Paroli, which are normally used in roulette. Since the house edge is lower in Baccarat, these strategies are even more promising here. In addition, there are a few things you should keep in mind to have as high a chance of winning as possible:

The 3 Most Important Baccarat Tips

  • Always bet on the bank. With a house edge of 1.06%, this player has slightly better chances of winning than the player with a 1.23% house edge.
  • Never bet on a tie, as the house edge here is a full 14%.
  • Only use online Baccarat games that are played under Chemin de Fer rules. Other game variants such as Punto Banco or Mini Baccarat are often more disadvantageous and have a higher casino house edge.

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